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Cithway™ Reusable Anti-Tangle Laundry Protection Ball

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Cithway™ Reusable Anti-Tangle Laundry Protection Ball

Why struggle with knots and tangled outfit mess every wash when you can use this reusable anti-tangle laundry protection ball!

A clever laundry protection ball that successfully bounces through your washer to naturally separate your fabric from one another. Allowing you to keep your entire laundry from the common issues of unwanted tangling, knots, and from crumpling together. It can also help to fight-off the appearance of wrinkles or creases and make each clothes utterly soft and smooth. Moreover, this anti-tangle ball comes with a fine water wheel feature which delivers an increase in the laundry’s flow. Providing you an overall better washing efficiency that will lead to spotlessly clean and odorless finish while reducing detergent usage.

This anti-tangle laundry ball can come into direct contact even to your delicate fabrics without snagging, fading, runs, and other damages. Making it a great tool that you can use for multiple cycles and prevent tangling for denims, bed sheets, thick jackets, long length bottoms, skirts, mesh clothes, and more possibilities. The laundry ball does not also leave harm to the washing machine and ensures that it can fit and work through different model types. Suitable for electrolux, whirlpool, samsung, LG, bosch, maytag, miele, and such. Made with premium silicone material that boasts to last an endless washing cycle without wearing-off! 

Say goodbye to knots and wrinkles with this reusable anti-tangle laundry protection ball! 


  • Serious Anti-Tangling Effect
    A smart laundry ball that can be easily tossed inside your washing machine to deliver an unparalleled anti-winding performance. Allowing it to naturally bounce as the washer spins which effectively dislodge your clothes from clumping together to prevent unwanted tangling. Saving you from the time-consuming and hassle of separating clothes from one another after each wash. Furthermore, this anti-winding ball also works as an excellent tool to fight off unsightly wrinkles and make each fabric super soft.

  • Maximum Cleaning and Drying 
    Features a spherical shape and water wheel design which promotes an impressive water flow acceleration. It greatly improves washing efficiency and thus prompting a much better cleaning effect and odorless finish while reducing detergent usage. What’s more? You can even use this laundry ball in the dryer as it helps the hot air flow reach the entire load effectively and quickly. Providing you a speedier drying time experience but still without the knots and entanglements. 
  • Non-Damaging Ball
    Offers a non-aggressive anti-tangling performance that will still leave your clothes in tip top condition even after multiple cycles. It does not contain any sharp materials or chemicals that might contaminate through the fabrics. Eliminating the risk of snagging, fading, discolorations, thread runs, scratches, and other possible damages. Making it a safe, anti-tangling tool for different clothes, including baby clothes, delicate fabrics, denims, bed sheets, thick jackets, long length bottoms, skirts, mesh clothes, and so on.
  • Wide Application
    Can freely bounce inside your machine without causing any sort of harm. It is also small enough to fit through a variety of washing machine or dryer types and models. Suitable for electrolux, whirlpool, samsung, LG, bosch, maytag, miele, and such. You can store one or multiple balls at once depending on the weight and quantity of your loads. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, fabric-friendly silicone materials that strikes an amazing durability, anti-tangling effect and long-lasting effectiveness. It can withstand years of reusability without deforming, breaking, or mold accumulation. This laundry protection ball can be even easily washed clean anytime to keep off harmful bacteria and odor build ups that might leach through your clothes. 


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 6*3.5cm
  • Color: White/gray


  • 1PC/2PCS/5PCS/10PCS x Reusable Anti-Tangle Laundry Protection Ball

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