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Portable Auto-clip Dog Poop Picker

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Portable Auto-clip Dog Poop Picker

Have a hassle-free and mess free waste cleanup every dog walks with this portable pet toilet poop picker!

A clever poop-scooper that is specially designed to quickly clean up and collect pet feces effortlessly anytime they poop outdoors. It adopts a smart claw-shaped end with a wide 10 cm diameter opening to take on even the largest of pet poo with no issue. This pet toilet picker has an easy-tear-and-take plastic feature which allows you to scoop up your pooch discharge directly in the bag. No worries as it supplies a one-handed, easy-pull pick up operation without leaving up dry bits or yucky wet residues behind. Making it an excellent helper that promotes overall sanitation by keeping the hands clean and free from direct contact with waste.

This pet toilet poop picker is portably light and it has a non-slip, ergonomic handle that delivers a comfortably soft and secured grip. It also provides a built-in spring-loaded feature that can be opened with ease and automatically shut secure once the handle is released. Thus, preventing the collected waste from falling out or the foul poop smell from emitting even as you walk around. What’s more? The handy poop picker boasts a sturdy serrated claw head that cleans up messes even on hard concrete pavements, gravels or grassy lawns. Made with premium, durable material that guarantees a long-lasting usage without damaging and rusting.     

Say no more to unhygienic waste disposal and quickly clean up messes in just a pull using this portable pet toilet poop picker!  


  • Easy One-Pull Pick Up
    A must-have pet toilet scooper tool featuring an innovative claw-shaped end that delivers an effective and effortless poop picking performance. It supports a one-handed operation that enables you to simply pull the handle to open then release hold to tightly close and pick up waste. What’s more? This poop picker offers an easy-tear-and-take plastic design so you can collect your furry friend’s waste then keep it directly into the bag and easily throw it away after. Saving you from the troubles of carrying a broom and dustpan or the unhygienic way of picking up using hands and plastic. Making it a great helper to keep yourself prepared each time you go to a dog park or walk with pets. 

  • Secured Poop Picking
    Adopts a specialized serrated claw head style which ensures to take on and collect pet waste without leaving up bits and yucky wet residues behind. Furthermore, its jagged teeth design also guarantees that it can pick up your furry companion’s poop on any surface type. Great for picking up waste on hard pavements, road, walkways, gravels, sand, and even on grass or lawns without tearing up your greens. The pet toilet tool comes with a strong-tension double-spring which allows an easy one-handed picking that closes tightly once released to securely keep the waste inside. Allowing you to freely walk without the odors emitting or the poop embarrassingly slipping out as you walk to throw the waste. 

  • Ergonomic Design
    Ideally lightweight which makes it easier to lift up and carry around. It also supplies a non-slip, ergonomically curved-design handle that fits nicely to the hands for better gripping and maneuverability. Moreover, it boasts a lengthened handle so you can comfortably pick up anytime without the need to completely bend down. This dog waste picker is slim and compact enough to be stashed inside bags without taking up too much space. Suitable for at-home use or to help you on when you go on travels, vacations, beach, park, camping, and more possibilities. Simply put the plastic on the open shovel, pick up the waste, release the hold to close and collect the poop inside the plastic, remove plastic, and throw it away. You can also just put a tissue over the poop, pull the handle to open and pick up, release the hold, then throw. 


  • Versatile Usage
    This portable waste collector has a large, 10cm opening diameter that can scoop up and handle even the largest of pet poo. Perfect for smaller to bigger breeds of dogs and even cats, including corgis, dachshund, chihuahua, terrier, german shepherds, siamese cat, burmese, persian, siberian cat, and so on. The pet poop tool can be even used for picking up dirt, trash, used tissue waste, and so much more. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic thickened PP plastic material with an excellent stability and scoop gripping. It has a remarkable durability and rust-resistant abilities that promises to withstand an endless year without breaking, snapping, and other damages. This pet toilet poop picker provides a non-stick shover that can be easily washed and takes off waste residue and strong foul smell that sticks on when you don’t use plastic. Lastly, it offers a hanging hole handle design for easier, space-saving storing and retrieving anytime. 


  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Size: 9x6.5x28cm
  • Color: Green / Pink / Blue


  • 1 x Auto-clip Dog Poop Scooper

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