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Cithway™ Baseball Caps Hats with Neck Strap

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Cithway™ Baseball Caps Hats with Neck Strap

Shield your pet from the blazing sun rays in fashion with this stylish baseball canvas dog-cap!

A custom-made dog-friendly cap featuring a widened front brimmed that fully covers your pet’s dog’s face, snout, and sensitive eyes. Providing them optimal protection against the blinding sun and harmful UV rays to eliminate the risk of getting cataracts, light sensitivity and such. Moreover, it allows your pooch to see clearly and comfortably outdoors even in the brightest conditions. This baseball pet hat comes in different eye-catching, modish style selections that can definitely step up your fur baby’s charming points. Making them so much more pawsome and huggable that are sure to swoon everyone who passes by.       

This sun-protective fashion pet hat is ideally lightweight and it offers 2 large side ear holes for that all day long high-comfort wearing. All styles are crafted with a highly breathable fabric that will keep your furry companion fresh and cool even on the hottest of days. What’s more? The dog-cap has a neck strap that can be adjusted securely to your pooch's head to stay unbudging even as they run, roll, and play. Perfect for daily walks, dog parks, picnics, beach, vacations, hikings, photoshoots, photo props, dog shows, parties, and such. No worries as it is available in a wide variety of sizes selections that can nicely suit different dog or cat’s small to large breeds.

Keep your pooch protected while playfully showing off their adorableness using this  stylish baseball canvas dog-cap!


  • Protective Dog Cap
    A pawsome baseball cap that is specially customized to stylishly gear up your precious furry best friend. Featuring a front visor-design that successfully shades the dog’s face, cute little snout, and their sensitive eyes from the harsh, blinding sun and harmful UV rays. Providing your pooch maximum protection to see clearly in bright condition and prevents unwanted sun damages like cataracts and light sensitivity. What’s more? It does not only cover them up and help preserve their vision, but it also offers a touch of whimsy and cuteness. Making them extra charming and huggable that is guaranteed to swoon everyone.    

  • Comfortable to Wear
    This adorable sun cap is super lightweight that your pup won't even remember wearing it on and keeps them from constantly trying to get it off. It has 2 large side ear holes that’s suitable for all dog breeds ear types, including prick ears, long drop ears, bat ears, button ears, and such. The baseball pup-hat even comes with a built-in neck strap that can be adjusted easily to your pooch comfort and secured fitting. Allowing the hat to remain unbudging in place even against a strong breeze or as they run, roll, and play around. Furthermore, it has a highly breathable fabric to keep your furry companion fresh and cool for an all day long comfortable experience. A great protection and fashion wear for your pet during their walks, play, or travel outdoors under the scorching sun.  

  • Cute and Stylish
    The sun protection dog hat promotes a wide range of eye-catching, modish styles and color selections to dress them with! Delivering a comfortable, stylish, and luxurious blend that would make your fur baby standout on any dog park and push them to the road of stardom in no time. Available in plain bright colors, canvas designs, patterned print designs, floral, and so much more to choose from. Suitable for daily walks, dog parks, picnics, beach, vacations, hikings, photoshoots, photo props, dog show, parties, and so on.  

  • Perfect For All Breeds
    This fashionable dog cap offers varying sizes selection, including small, medium, large, and extra large. Allowing it to fit different dog or cat head size of all breeds like labrador, chihuahua, corgi, bichon, dachshund, terrier, poodle, shih tzu, beagle, husky, golden retriever, and more possibilities. No worries as the pet hat does not scratch or create any sort of discomfort and harm for your companion! 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of the highest-grade thickened polyester fabric with an excellent soft lining and breathable qualities. Each design also boasts a remarkable durable performance that promises to hold out against long-lasting years of everyday protection. Preventing the dog-cap from easily damaging, deforming, and discoloration even when worn with your active pooch. Additionally, it is 100% skin-friendly to ensure that it won’t snag your pet’s coat or even cause irritations, itchiness, and other unwanted skin reactions.


  • Color: Red, Blue, Orange, Camouflage, Floral, Blue Letters, Denim Black, Denim Navy, Leopard, Back Streets, Colorful Stripe
  • Size: S, M, L, XL

  • Closure Type: Elastic Band
  • Intended Pet Type: Dog
  • Textile Material: 100% Polyester
  • Costume Theme: Vacation, Holiday
  • Pets subtype: Pet Hats
  • Care & Cleaning: Air Dry, Hand Wash


  • 1 x Cithway™ Baseball Caps Hats with Neck Strap

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