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Cithway™ Creative Cartoon Ice Popsicle Mold

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Cithway™ Creative Cartoon Ice Popsicle Mold

Fill your tummy with a satisfying coolness and level up your ice dessert with this creative cartoon shape popsicle mold!


This ice pop mold offers a variety of cutely cartoon-shaped designs that can make your regular frozen treat more aesthetically mouthwatering. Each mold style adopts an easy-to-use feature and an impressive non-stick quality that can freeze quickly and unmold smoothly. Keeping your homemade frozen dessert perfectly in one piece and free from deforming, cracking, and sticky mess. Making it an excellent helper to enhance your child’s appetite and for delighting your sweet tooth as you cool off this scorching summer. 

The whimsy popsicle mold adopts a stackable, space-saving feature that can fit into a minimally space freezer with no issues. It can be used for popsicles, juices, fresh fruits, yogurts, purée, coffee, milk, chocolates, jam, candy sticks, and even for creating soaps, candles, and art resins. No worries as all mold designs come in a set with 50 piece popsicle sticks and handy cover to keep off dirt, dust and air from entering. You can tote it around so you can effortlessly create tasty visual treats anytime, anywhere. Made with superior, food-grade silicone that promises to withstand multiple years of exposure to extreme cold temperature and washes.

Fight off the summer heat and cool-off with your own homemade ice-cold popsicle using this creative cartoon shape ice pop mold!


  • Creative Ice Pop Mold
    A 3-link/2-link silicone mold that comes in a variety of cutely cartoon-shaped designs that guarantees to make your ice pops looking more delectable and aesthetically good. Making it the best arsenal to create your personalized frozen treats to cool you down on the sweatiest of days. Moreover, the mold’s whimsy shapes can pique your child’s interest and easily get them to eat your homemade healthy, fruit-loaded popsicles. It does not only enhance their appetite, but it also helps to improve their ability to recognize colors and shapes. No worries as all ice pop mold style selections come in a set with 50 piece popsicle sticks and handy translucent silicone cover.   

  • Practical Design
    This fancy ice pop mold adopts an incredible non-stick quality that enables you to easily release the frozen sweet in a swift on its tip top condition. Preventing you from the worries of unmolding and getting your popsicle broken, crack or get ruined. Each fun mold design offers a tight sealing silicone cover which ensures that no air could enter and come out once freezing. Providing you smooth, nicely frozen ice pops without the unsightly bubbling and other issues. The popsicle mold supplies a stackable and space-saving feature that can neatly fit in even for those with minimal freezer space. Furthermore, it boasts an excellent toughness and resistance to cold that can withstand even the lowest of freezer temperature without deforming or cracking.

  • Fun Easy Ice Cream DIY
    The fun popsicle mold can create the most mouthwatering frozen treats in no time with just simple steps that even your youngsters can do! Simply prepare your smoothly blended ice cream ingredients, pour it into the molds, then place the popsicle stick to the groove area. After that, secure it close using the cover for a much effective freezing and to keep off dirt and dust, freeze it up, and you're all done. All mold styles support a portable size that can be tote anytime, anywhere with ease so you can always delight yourself with satisfying frozen goods! 

  • Multipurpose Mold
    This creative cartoon ice popsicle mold can perfectly form different blended foods and goods into whimsy shapes. Suitable for popsicles, juices, fresh fruits, yogurts, purée, coffee, milk, chocolates, jam, candy sticks, and even for creating soaps, candles, and art resins. A must-have versatile molds for ice cream enthusiasts, DIYers, hobbyists, and more possibilities.   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, BPA-free thickened silicone material with an exceptional low temperature resistance. It also boasts high flexibility and damage-resistance that can hold out against being flexed and bent without tearing or deforming. The cartoon shaped ice popsicle mold also provides an unparalleled durability that can hold out against several years of everyday usage and washes with no damages. The mold is suitable for both hand washing or dishwashing to easily remove odors and dirt. It can also come into direct contact with any food product or liquids without harmful toxic contamination.


    • Weight: .08 to .3 pounds
    • Capacity (Volume): around 8 ounces
    • Number of cavities: 2 or 3
    • Volume capacity per cavity: ~3.2 ounces
    • Material: Silicone
    • Care & Cleaning: Hand Wash
    • Style: 3-link rabbit mold, 3-link building blocks, 3-link oval, 3-link snowman, 2-link bear paw, and 2-link foot mol


    • 1 x Cithway™ Creative Cartoon Ice Popsicle Mold

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