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Cithway™ Lazy-barbecue Wire Basket Skewers

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Cithway™ Lazy-barbecue Wire Basket Skewers
🍖Say goodbye to wasted fallen food each time you roast and try this food grilling basket!

An ultra-versatile grilling helper that is expertly-constructed to deliver an effortless, pro-grilling experience to almost any food. Featuring a smart lockable grate and tightly spaced basket slot gaps that securely contains even small meat bits and sliced veggies in. Allowing you to confidently flip and roast without the worries of getting your food falling between the grill and getting wasted. No worries as this grilling basket supplies a spacious design that can fit in thick meats, long sausages and ample portions of veggie slices. The perfect grilling tool for sausages, BBQs, kebabs, meats, poultry, fish, chicken, corn cob, meat balls, hot dogs, and more possibilities.      

This grilling food holder basket promotes an optimal and uniform heat distribution for that evenly cooked, smoky meat finish. It provides an unparalleled high temperature resistance that can withstand extreme grilling heat without melting and damaging. Furthermore, it  adopts a non-slip, ergonomic lengthened handle for better control and keeping you at a safe distance from the fire. This innovative grilling tool offers a stay-cool handle for that maximum protection effect to avoid painful burns, blisters, and injuries. Made with the highest-grade, non-toxic wire material that guarantees to hold out several years of various indoor or outdoor grilling. 

Save your bite-size meat and food bits from the problem of falling between grates and use this grilling food holder basket!🍖


  • Best Grilling Experience🍖
    An ultimate grilling tool featuring an upgraded, precision-welded foldable iron basket that enables you to effortlessly grill just about any food like a pro. It has a specialized lockable grate with tightly spaced slot gaps to ensure that you can cook your favorite camping snack, sliced veggies, small meat pieces or delicate food. Allowing it to successfully lock in your meals and prevent them from slipping and falling completely through your grill grate even as you flip the basket. Furthermore, this handy grilling tool offers an optimal and uniform heat distribution without the worries of getting your food burnt. Providing you an evenly grilled meat with the perfect touch of smokiness, juiciness, and tenderness.  

  • Maximum Heat Resistant🍖
    This high-performance grilling basket adopts a superior high temperature resistance that can hold out against even the hottest of grilling heat. Eliminating it from the risk of melting, deforming, burning, and other possible heat damage. This heatproof grill basket can accommodate continuous grilling with the use of gas, electricity, pellet, charcoal and wood. Making it a great helper for roasting sausages, BBQs, kebabs, meats, poultry, fish, chicken, corn cob, vegetables, meat balls, hot dogs, marshmallows/smores, and so much more. 

  • Ergonomic Design🍖
    The BBQ grilling helper promotes an ideally lightweight design which allows an easier and comfortable flipping and grilling experience. It also supports a non-slip, lengthened handle that delivers secured gripping and better overall maneuverability even for those with wet or sweaty hands. Moreover, this grilling basket exhibits an excellent thermal resistance that effectively reduces the amount of heat flow from transferring. It lets the user’s to safely grill and hold the handle without worrying about getting their hands scorched, blistered, and other burn injuries. No worries as it also supplies enough spaciousness that can fit in thick meats, long sausages as well as ample portions of vegetables and bite size treats at once. Lastly, this food holder basket’s extended handle also guarantees that you can grill while keeping you at a safe distance from the fire’s extreme temperatures. 

  • Wide Application🍖
    This pro grilling basket tool can work effectively and assist you for a variety of indoor and outdoor grill sessions whether it is for an open flame of a campfire or home gas grill. Great for get together grill nights, barbecue parties, picnics, backyard grilling, pool party snacks, camping, potlucks, and more possibilities. A must-have multifunctional grill tool for beginners, professional grillers, campers, BBQ lovers, grilled food stalls, and such.  

  • Premium Quality🍖
    Made of professional-grade, BPA-free thickened wire material with remarkable stable welding and secured link circle. It boasts an amazing durability and rust-resistant that promises a long-term everyday heavy-usage without wearing-off. Additionally, the grilling food holder basket comes with high-quality non-stick coating that successfully keeps food, grease, and residues from sticking stubbornly. It can be simply deep clean using hand washing or dishwashing to eliminate harmful germs and odor build ups. This grilling basket can come into direct contact with any food products without toxic leaching.  

  • Material: Heavy wire
  • Size: 

  • 1 x Cithway™  Lazy-barbecue Wire Basket Skewers

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