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Cithway™ Luminous Kid One-legged Swinging Ball

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Cithway™ Luminous Kid One-legged Swinging Ball
Keep your kids entertained and physically fit at the same time by playing with this ankle-swing glowing ball toy!

A clever ball toy attached to an elastic cord which lets the user swing it around like a hula hoop around the ankle and skip over it to keep moving. It adopts a nice, eye-catching glow feature for that added visual effect and whimsy element that is sure to excite your child into playing. Providing you a level up, creative ball game entertainment which guarantees to give endless fun for both children and adults. No worries as this ankle-swing ball can be played without taking up too much space or causing damage to your furniture when accidentally hit. Making it an excellent toy to have fun at-home, classroom, offices, dormitories, hotels, garage, park, front yard, back yard, and so on. 

This luminous ball swinging toy not only delivers enjoyment, but it also provides multiple beneficial effects for your youngsters. It can help in developing coordination, improved concentration, and a good exercise to keep your kids moving as they have fun. The unique ball toy even allows your child to reduce excessive screen time that can lead to further mental and physical issues. Moreover, it is specially designed to be played without the worries of harming the user even if they accidentally get hit and tumbled on the cord. Made with durable, skin-friendly material that promises to withstand years of swinging and skipping fun without wearing-off.

Get your fussy youngsters skippin’ and amused them with a unique ball game using this fun ankle-swing glowing ball toy!


  • Unique Jumping Ball Toy Game
    A skip-it ball toy attached to an elastic cord that works by swinging it around the ankle like a hula hoop and jumping through it to keep the ball rotating. Making your regular ball game even more creative and entertaining than ever that would surely be loved even by those hard to please youngsters. The ball even produces a soft luminous glow performance for that added exciting element and magical atmosphere even as your kids play in a low light environment. What’s more? This ankle-swinging ball wonder ensures to give endless fun for both children and those young at heart! You can even use it as an enjoyable competition game activity by having you and an opponent fighting for the longest time who skips into the ball without tripping or tangling.  

  • Multiple Beneficial Effect
    This ankle-skip ball toy does not only provide loads of fun, but it also supplies beneficial  health effects especially for your kiddos. It helps them to develop a good sense of balance and improved concentration as they focus on hopping over the ball to avoid tripping and keep it moving. The skip-it ball also enhances physical fitness health as it can serve as a good exercise to keep your little ones up and moving. Allowing them to have fun jumping and skipping on the ball while simultaneously working on their lower extremity strength, coordination, and stamina. Moreover, the glowing ball toy even assists your child to prevent them from excessive screen time usage that can lead to several emotional and health issues. 

  • Indoor and Outdoor Ball Fun
    The fun luminous jumping ball toy can be played and enjoyed non–stop indoors or outdoors. It has a well-lengthened cord that can be swung around the ankle without taking up too much space. The toy also adopts a soft ball design that can be accidentally hit or come into contact with furniture without causing damages and scratches to your items. Furthermore, it ensures that the ball can be swung around even with immense speed without it getting ripped off the cord to create problems. Making it the perfect ball toy to have fun at-home, classroom, offices, dormitories, hotels, garage, park, front yard, back yard, and other settings. 

  • 100% Safe to Use
    This luminous skipping ball toy supports a smooth to touch elastic cord and ankle loop that can be worn over the ankle even by your kid’s sensitive skin. Eliminating the risk of harmful scratching, irritations, redness, and soreness even after repetitive contact. The ball can also be perfectly swung around and bounced but is still soft enough to avoid causing injuries. It can be confidently and safely played by everyone without the worries of any harm even as you tripped on it, get tangled on the cord or be hit by the ball during game time.  

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, kid-friendly ball material and eye-catching glowy performance that boasts to provide double the fun, excitement, visual effect, and overall safety. It offers great durability that guarantees to hold out against years of play time and enjoyment without deforming, breaking, and cord snapping. The ankle swing glowing ball toy also has an exquisite design and vibrant colors that promises to pique every kid's interest. Available in glowing pink ball, glowing yellow ball, and glowing blue ball color selection. 

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  • 1 x Cithway™ Luminous Kid One-legged Swinging Ball

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