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Cithway™ Mixed Metallic Confetti Party Poppers

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Cithway™ Mixed Metallic Confetti Party Poppers

Make your special day even more fun and magical with this mixed confetti party popper!

This 1/3/5/10 piece selection of confetti barrel is infused with multi-color, shiny long  and square shapes that can double up the party to the next level. Allowing you to celebrate with style and easily add a fun and playful atmosphere at any events with just a simple pop. What’s more? It offers a high shooting range from up to 3 meters to magically shower the entire room with a magical and elaborate display of festive confetti. No worries as this cheery party popper does not only elevate the main event, but it also looks as enchanting and pretty even in photos. Suitable for birthdays, surprise parties, weddings, baby showers, concerts, festivities, stage shows, corporate events, and more.   

The mixed confetti party popper has a handy, compact design that can be easily gripped on and it is also very light for great control. Moreover, it adopts a twist-and-pop feature which allows you to fire out at the perfect timing with great ease and precision. This confetti popper is purely non-flammable and can pop without unwanted smoke and sparkle to prevent any sort of fire hazard and accidents. Made with premium, non-toxic plastic material that is safe to be used on any indoor and outdoor event place. It also does not take up space so you can easily carry it anytime, anywhere where the celebrations are! 

Celebrate any event with loud, festive pop and colorful elements of surprise using this mixed confetti party popper! 


  • Mixed-Color Party Confetti
    A 1/3/5/10 piece selection of confetti barrel cannon that’s loaded with an ample fun assortment of shiny long and square shapes in various lively metallic colors. It emits a non-harming, loud popping noise together with the confetti fillings that covers the air and scatters magically as they fall down. Allowing them to make the whole room shimmer and bring the next party level of whimsiness and festive atmosphere that guarantees to impress everyone. What’s more? Its multicolored style and perfectly-sized cuts not only elevate the main event, but it also adds a great cheerful ambiance to any photo without taking the spotlight. Providing you a nice memorable celebration to keep with the amazing cloud of colorful paper bits background floating through the air!   

  • Highest Confetti Shoot
    This mixed confetti popper supports a harmless, satisfying impact that can fire up to a maximum 3 meters up. It enables you to bang a highest shot of exploding confetti and produce a more majestic effect by letting them showered everyone with colors, fun, and luck. Moreover, it can be quickly launched with nice precision to ensure that it will pop out at the perfect timing of your surprise or event program schedule with no issues. No worries as this party popper also promises that it can be used at crowded places without harming even when it accidentally hits someone.

  • Easy Twist-and-Pop
    The fun party popper offers a handy, non-slip barrel style that is super light in the hands for better control and secured gripping. Simply hold the party popper to your comfort, aim upward, wait for the right timing, twist the bottom part to fire the confetti out, and let the party begin! No more unnecessary loading, firing, and other complicated methods that only spoils the fun.   

  • Multi-Scene Fun
    This festive colorful confetti popper can surely double up and add a fun and playful touch at any formal and special occasions. Suitable for birthdays, surprise parties, weddings, baby showers, concerts, festivities, congratulatory events, stage shows, christmas, new years, quinceaneras, thanks giving, corporate events, and more possibilities. No worries as its stunning metallic multi-color style is sure to shine and complement even no matter the event or place you’ll host at.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of the highest-grade plastic barrel and environmentally-friendly, non-toxic cut-out confetti fillings. It is also 100% flameproof and can be fired on without unwanted smoke and sparkle that only causes fire and accident hazards. Furthermore, this party popper is also easy to pick-up for a much speedy clean up after. They also don’t stain and harm floors, sidewalks, and such so you can pop them and have fun anytime at any event place you're celebrating at. 
  • Material: Plastic Barrel
  • Size: 11cm
  • Confetti Color: Mixed multicolor
  • 1/3/5/10pc x Cithway™ Mixed Metallic Confetti Party Poppers

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