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Cithway™ Picnic Magnetic Kitchen Peeler

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Cithway™ Picnic Magnetic Kitchen Peeler

Say goodbye to the hassle of food peeling tasks and shave off fruit and vegetables in a breeze with this multifunctional magnetic peeler!

A trusty kitchen peeler crafted with a nicely honed dual-blade that can easily glide along and take off delicate to thickened peels in no time. Featuring multipurpose capabilities that can tackle a plethora of fruits and veggies, including carrots, apples, pears, potatoes, pumpkins, cucumbers, and so much more. This versatile peeler can cleanly shave the outer layer without worrying about digging or taking out too much from your food. Additionally, it supports a non-slip, ergonomic design which delivers secure gripping and high-comfort, optimal maneuverability. Allowing you to work on a batch after batch peeling without experiencing hand fatigue, strain, and injuries.  

This multifunctional peeler is super light and can be neatly tote around while still saving up more space for other essentials. It even comes with a handy clear cover that protects the blade from dirt or from touching and ruining other items when not used. Making it a great helper for home, picnics, camping, field trips, staycation, hotels, apartments, dormitories, restaurants, and such. The peeler adopts great magnetic performance which enables it to be mounted against any metallic surface for a much convenient storing. Made with premium, food-grade materials that promises to withstand several years of usage and washes without toxic leaching or damage. 

Make your meal prep even easier and speedy with this travel-friendly fruit and vegetable magnetic peeler!


  • Precise, Effortless Peeling
    A high-performance versatile peeler featuring a razor-sharp, dual-blade that can tackle a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Allowing it to smoothly and precisely remove thin to thick skins in no time with just minimal effort. No worries as its powerful blade is expertly designed to peel as cleanly to the fruit or veggies’ outer layer without digging or taking out too much from your food. Suitable for shaving carrots, apples, pears, potatoes, pumpkins, cucumbers, and more possibilities. Making it the perfect helper to achieve a speedy meal prep time for every cook of all ages and expertise. 

  • Ergonomic Design
    This multi-functional peeler is ideally light in the hands and it offers a clear cover that keeps off unwanted dust and dirt from the blade when not used. Moreover, the blade cover also acts as an excellent handle extender that you can connect on the body. Providing you an ergonomic gripping and maximum maneuverability at all times to avoid strain and discomfort even after tackling a batch-peeling fruits or veggies. The peeler adopts non-slip qualities to deliver you a nice, secured hold whether you have dry, sweaty, and wet hands. It is applicable to be used by both left-handed and right-handed people with no issues! 

  • Highly Portable
    The quick-peeling tool is so light that you can effortlessly carry it around without weighing you down. It comes in a mini size and compact design that can be neatly stashed in side bags, pouches or even pockets without taking up much space. You can now simply and speedily take off peels anytime, anywhere without the need for your standard bulky peelers that pokes to your bag. Additionally, it can be safely stored together with other items without scratching and damaging them thanks to its smart cover. A great helper at home, picnics, camping, field trips, staycation, hotels, apartments, dormitories, restaurants, small stores, and so on.    

  • Easy Cleaning and Storing
    This handy fruit and vegetable peeler promotes an impressive non-sticking ability that refrains food residues, odors, and dirts from sticking stubbornly. It can deeply clean in a breeze with hand washing and dishwashing to eliminate harmful molds and bacterial build ups. This ultimate peeler can be stowed inside your kitchen drawers, cupboards, cabinets, and such while still saving more space for your other cooking utensils. What’s more? It has built-in powerful magnets which allows it to be mounted firmly for a much convenient storing and retrieving. You can stick it on refrigerators, ovens, and any magnetic or metallic materials and surface. 


  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, food-grade sturdy ABS plastic handle, stainless steel dual-blade, and advanced magnetism. It boasts remarkable durability that promises to hold out against multiple years of daily peeling without blade dulling, rusting, and damaging. This multifunctional fruit and vegetable peeler can be in direct contact with any food product with not a single toxic leaching.


    • Material: Stainless steel food-grade dual-blade, ABS plastic handle
    • Color: Beige, Green, White, Navy
    • Size: 2.6 inches (H) x 2.4 inches (W) x .6 inches (D)


    • 1 x Cithway™ Picnic Magnetic Kitchen Peeler

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