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Cithway™ Quick Ceramic Wet Wax

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Cithway™ Quick Ceramic Wet Wax
Add a super clear, glass-like protection to your vehicle using this advanced car-care nano coating agent!

A professional nano-coating agent that is specially made to give your vehicle its needed optimal protection and hydrophobic effect. Saving your car from the unwanted water spots, stains, discoloration, and the risk of pre-aging, weathering and erosion, UV ray damages, and such. This car-care agent can even restore and eliminate minor damages, including scratches and marks. Providing you with a spotlessly clean and brand new looking, high-sheen finish that would make everyone awestruck. No worries as it adopts a superior long-lasting performance that will leave your car well-protected for years with just a few sprays.

This advanced protective nano-coating is expertly blended to be safely applied on all surfaces of different vehicle’s types. Preventing it from creating further damages and causing early aging unlike with other harsh formulations. What’s more? The nano coating agent can be sprayed directly on the car and quickly dried on with a non-streaky, non-sticky finish. Suitable for sedans, vans, minivans, AUVs, SUVs, UVs, pickups, hatchbacks, sports cars, trucks, and so much more. Simply spray the solution on the car’s wet or dry surface, gently wipe to spread, let it set for a quick 3 minutes to work, and done! 

Say goodbye to unwanted water spots and dirt spots with this advanced car-care nano coating agent!


  • Maximum Protection
    A liquid-formulated, pro-quality nano coating agent blended with an excellent protective quality and hydrophobic performance. It shields your vehicle’s bodywork from unwanted damages and successfully repels all sorts of liquid, including water, rain, splashes, oil, and such. Allowing the liquids to naturally roll away and prevent them from staying and drying off on the surface to create marks. Furthermore, this fine car coating can even eliminate minor scratches and resist dry particles like dirt, dust, road dirt, and so on. Making it the best agent to keep your vehicle ultimately clean, clearer, and free from water spots, discoloration, stains, and streaks! 

  • Long-Lasting Effect
    This advanced car coating agent adopts an impressive formulation that leaves an invisible layer to the surface. Ensuring your vehicle with a powerful, lasting protection all day and night from rough aging, weathering and erosion, sunlight, sour powder, and other damage-causing elements. No worries as this nano coating agent can also enhance and deepen your car surface paint that will make it look brand new. Delivering your car with a superior sheen and spotless, non streaky finish just after spraying the solution.  
  • Quick Spray Coating
    The car-care nano coating can naturally supply its remarkable protection without requiring any complicated and confusing chemical mixing anymore. This agent comes in a handy spray bottle that easily releases a smooth, fine spray with each press. Moreover, it also conveniently supports both wet and dry vehicle surface coating applications. Simply spray the solution on your car’s wet or dried body surface, wipe it out to adhere evenly, wait for only 3 minutes for the coating to take effect, and you're good to go!
  • Wide Application
    This protective coating promotes 100% ingredients that are safe and super gentle for all surfaces of different kinds of vehicles. Preventing it from causing discoloration and pre-aging unlike with other harsh products. Suitable for sedans, vans, minivans, AUVs, SUVs, UVs, pickups, hatchbacks, sports cars, trucks, and more possibilities.   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of the highest-quality, nano coating formulation with the perfect mix of balanced consistencies and a non-streak, high-shine protective finish. It is completely odorless and it does not emit any toxic chemical to ensure that it can be used and sprayed anytime without compromising overall safety and health. Additionally, this car-care nano coating can protect for a long time with just a few sprays which still leaves you with lots of remaining amounts left for future use. 


  • Scent: Scented
  • Product Form: Liquid
  • Product Results: Shines Surface, Used for Conditioning
  • Net weight: 3.4 Ounces


  • 1 x Cithway™ Nano Car Wax Polish Spray

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