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Cithway™ Romantic Heart-Shaped Wine Stopper

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Cithway™ Romantic Heart-Shaped Wine Stopper

Extend the lifespan of your already opened wine and come back to it anytime for another sip with this heart-shaped wine stopper! 

This wine stopper features a heart shape top with a multi-layer rubber ring that promotes an excellent air-tight sealing performance. Allowing you to keep your unfinished, opened bottle free from spilling and oxidation that leads to spoiling and deteriorating its natural flavor. Perfect for preserving and locking in your wine’s overall freshness, taste, and quality for so much longer even after multiple resealing. What’s more? It has an impressive versatile usage that can provide powerful closure fit to almost any wine’s bottle neck. Suitable for red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, merlot, rosé wine, malbec, champagne, muscat, and so on. 

The heart-shaped wine stopper is conveniently lightweight and it has a non-slip, ergonomically designed heart-top handle. Providing you a secured gripping for an easier and comfortable opening and resealing at all times. Eliminating the risk of unwanted slippage, hand fatigue, muscle strain, tightness, possible injuries, and such. No worries as this wine closure can smoothly slide in and out in the bottle’s neck with not a single scratching or cracking. Made with premium, non-toxic materials that guarantees a long-term usage without damaging, rusting, and weakening seals. Making it a great present for parents, friends, wine lovers, wine collectors, and those who enjoy their wine in sips!

Why struggle in finishing an entire wine bottle in one sitting when you can keep its full flavor with every pour using this wine stopper! 


  • Good-Sealing Effect
    A high-performance wine stopper designed with multi-layer rubber ring and a nicely polished heart shaped top metal. It offers an air-tight sealing effect that successfully secures the remaining wine from spilling out and resealed it back after opening the cork. Moreover, this wine stopper also ensures to preserve oxidation and prevents it from deteriorating its natural flavor and tasting bland and bad. You can now open your favorite wine and close it back again anytime with a strong seal for optimal preservation that will keep your wine fresher for even longer.    

  • Ergonomic Design
    This fine cork replacement stopper is light in the hands that you can lift and carry it around without issues. It also adopts a non-slip, ergonomic heart-shape top which enables you to comfortably take it off and resealed it back on the bottle mouth anytime effortlessly. The wine stopper can be held with a secured gripping even for those with sweaty or always with wet hands to avoid slippage. No worries as its powerful sealing performance still allows it to smoothly slide the bottle’s neck in and out so you can pop it open and close with minimal energy. Saving you from hand fatigue, muscle strain, tightness, possible injuries, and other discomfort. 
  • High Versatile Use
    Supports a pointy, bullet-like body with a multi-layer rubber that can fit into almost any wine’s bottle neck to provide an airtight seal. Ideal for red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, merlot, rosé wine, malbec, champagne, muscat, and more possibilities. This versatile stopper is also expertly constructed to cope with the fizz or spirit in bottles of bubbly champagne. It lets you confidently leave it for preservation without losing its powerful seal and getting removed. Making it a must-have for your bar counters, weddings, parties, christmas, thanksgiving, festivities, and so on. 
  • Perfect Gift Idea
    Serves as a thoughtful present that is sure to enhance everyone’s wine-drinking experience. Never let your loved ones throw away unfinished wine anymore and give it to your parents, friends, wine lover, wine collector, and those who enjoy their wine in sips! This wine closure is perfect to be given on a regular day and even on special occasions like birthdays, christmas, parties, new year, gift stuffers, and such. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, food-grade thickened silicone rubber and stainless steel material with remarkable durability and sealing performance. It can withstand daily usage and multiple years of wine preservation without deformation, weakening seal, and rusting. This wine stopper does not also contain any toxic chemicals and odors which allows it to come into contact with any food product without harmful leaching or stale your wine. 



  • Material: Stainless steel, silicone rubber
  • Size: 11x4.4cm


  • 1 x Heart-Shaped Wine Stopper

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