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Mildew Removing Deodorizing Cleaner Spray

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Mildew Removing Deodorizing Cleaner Spray

Don’t let harmful growths damage your walls and use this instant mold and mildew cleaner spray!

This mold and mildew spray specializes in attacking all fungi causing growths that embed stubbornly to walls and surfaces. Providing you with a powerful quick-acting formula that successfully eliminates and cleans in seconds just after spraying. It penetrates even through hard-to-reach areas and removes unsightly stains and dump-like spots that other products couldn't. What’s more? This mold removal spray can kill 99.9% of germs and built-ups which effectively inhibits new growths from forming

The instant mold cleaning spray also adopts a superior odor-fighting qualities that keeps the musty, damp smells away. Leaving your newly cleaned, mold-free walls with a safe, long-lasting pleasantly fresh fragrance. This mold remover is formulated with premium ingredients that works well on different surfaces without damaging and discoloration. Suitable for kitchen, bathrooms, bathtubs, woods, vinyl sliding, floors, drywall, vinyl shower curtains, and other contaminated areas. Simply spray the formula directly to the affected surface, wait for the magic to happen and you're done. No more exhausting scrubbing and water rinsing needed anymore! 

One spray is all it takes to take those nasty spores formation down with this instant mold and mildew cleaner spray! 


  • Excellent Fast-Acting Mold Killer
    A powerful cleaning agent with an impressive fast-acting ability that successfully removes all mold and mildews in seconds after spray. It penetrates thoroughly and tackles even the toughest spores formation from the deepest of surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. This cleaner spray can even eliminate unwanted embedded stains and dump-like ugly spots due to molding. Additionally, it can even help to effectively inhibit future new molds and mildew growths.

  • Perfect Freshener
    This instant mold removal spray not only fights off and prevents new built-up, but it also draws unpleasant odors away. Allowing it to target every strong and sickening mold smell while leaving a fresh and clean fragrance that other products can’t. Keeping your space completely free from the nasty molds and its musty, damp smells. Saving you and your family from various health problems caused by exposure to molds like dizziness, nasal irritations, respiratory issues, nausea, headaches, and allergies. 

  • Easy Non-Scrubbing Cleaning
    The fast-acting mold and mildew killer can deeply get rid of stubborn growths in no time with just a spray. It offers a ready-to-use formulation which allows you to directly spray it to the surface that’s been contaminated. No more tiring back-and-forth scrubbing needed or rinsing. Simply spray then wait for the built-ups to magically disappear, and wipe with a dry cloth to remove other residues left and you're good to go.

  • Wide Application
    This mold remover spray works well and efficiently for different walls and surfaces types. It can banish unsightly, harmful growths, stains and odors without leaving further damages behind your walls. Suitable for kitchen, bathrooms, bathtubs, woods, vinyl sliding, concrete floors, drywall, vinyl shower curtains, and other areas where mold and mildews grow.

  • Premium Quality Formula
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic formulation with active mold-fighting and odor removal ingredients. It does not contain any formula that might discolor the surfaces and damage the grout or tile. Furthermore, this mold and mildew spray also ensures that it won’t cause any health and safety hazard.
  • Ingredients: High Concentration Active Chlorine
  • Weight: 60ml
  • 1 x Mildew Removing Deodorizing Cleaner Spray



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