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Cithway™ Multipurpose Easy-Carving Food Garnishing Knife

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Cithway™ Multipurpose Easy-Carving Food Garnishing Knife

Create that high-class restaurant quality fruit garnishes in no time with the help of this multipurpose easy-carving apple knife!

A high-performing apple knife that boasts a sharply-polished triangular blade which swiftly slices a unique shape to your sweet fruit. It enables you to successfully turn your regular cuts into deliciously creative slice treats that even picky eaters would love to munch on. A handy kitchen tool for serving beautifully fruit plating, garnishing meals, decorating fruit salads, cocktail garnishing, preparing for picnics, bento lunches, and so on. This garnishing fruit knife can even work effectively for easily removing fruit peels, vegetable peels, and potato eyes. Moreover, it is suitable for different fruits and veggies, including apples, pears, cucumber, tomatoes, green apples, potatoes, and such.   

This multipurpose fruit garnishing knife comes in a lightweight design with a non-slip, ergonomic handle. Providing you a better, secured gripping and optimal control at all times even for those with wet or sweaty hands. Moreover, the clever apple knife tool supports a non-stick coating quality that can be easily hand washed or dishwash after each use. Eliminating the risk of harmful odor build ups and contamination of bacterias and germs. Making it the perfect helper for beginners and professionals alike whether for at-home use, restaurants, cafes, fruit stalls, hotels, and more. Made of the highest-grade, BPA-free stainless steel that guarantees a long-term usage without rusting and damaging. 

Slice up your favorite apple fruit to the next level of aesthetic using this multipurpose fruit garnishing knife! 


  • Apple Carving Knife
    An innovatively designed apple knife featuring an ultra-sharp, triangular stainless steel blade that swiftly slices a unique shape onto your favorite fruit. Allowing you to effortlessly turn your regular apple cuts into deliciously creative slice treats that would surely make everyone’s mouth water. The perfect companion for serving beautifully fruit plating, garnishing meals, making fruit salads, cocktail garnishing, preparing for picnics, trips, and more possibilities. You can also use it for creating fun bento lunches and encourage even your picky eater youngster’s to eat nutritious food! What’s more? This fruit knife does not only cut, but it also acts as an excellent peeling tool and for smoothly removing unwanted potato eyes. 

  • Wide Application
    This clever apple garnishing knife is expertly-built to work effectively and smoothly cut on a variety of fruit and vegetables. Suitable for creating precise, beautifully shaped slices for apples, pears, cucumber, tomatoes, green apples, potatoes, and so much more. No worries as it adopts a user-friendly, one-slide slicing performance so you can easily cut and cut without the need for complicated carving or shaping. Making it a great helper at-home, restaurants, cafes, fruit stalls, hotels, personal business, and such. 


  • Ergonomic Design
    The versatile fruit-carving knife boasts a lightweight quality which enables it to be lifted and handled with so much ease. It even supports a non-slip, lengthened design that fits snugly by the hand for a secured gripping and maximum maneuverability at all times. Furthermore, this apple slicer can be confidently used for an extended period without experiencing hand fatigue, muscle cramps or tightness, injuries, and other discomfort. It also ensures that you can slice anytime while maintaining your hand at a safe distance from the blade to eliminate the risk of finger cuts. 

  • Easy to Clean and Store
    This high-performance apple knife tool supplies an incredible non-sticking coating that prevents residues and food particles from adhering stubbornly. It allows you to thoroughly clean in a breeze without leaving a single spot dirty. Moreover, the fruit knife is applicable for both hand wash and dish wash operation. It comes with a smart hanging hole at the end of the handle for more convenient storing and retrieving anytime. The apple garnishing knife does not also take up too much space to fit in other kitchen essentials. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, food-grade stainless steel material with a polished, razor-sharp triangular slicing blade that delivers precision and ease of usage. It also has remarkable durability that promises to hold out against years of heavy-usage and washes without rusting, deforming, and easily dulling. The multipurpose apply garnishing knife is 100% BPA-free and can safely come into direct contact with any food products without toxic leaching. 


  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • 1 x Cithway™ Multipurpose Easy-Carving Apple Garnishing Knife

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