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Cithway™ Non-Stick Professional Grilling Mat

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Cithway™ Non-Stick Professional Grilling Mat

Enjoy your flame-licked flavor meals and let this super non-stick professional grilling mat get you covered!

This heavy-duty cooking mat can instantly turn any grill into an impressive non-stick surface for that effortless, perfect grilling. Allowing you to smoothly move and grill your meals and prevent them from clinging stubbornly onto the grates or ruining the texture. Moreover, it can also take on any food while still keeping the sauces and even small bits from falling through the cracks. Saving you from unwanted food wastage, greasy spills, and stuck-on scraps getting left behind the grill for cleanup. Suitable for  meats, pork, fish, chicken wings/legs, veggies, eggs, seafoods, corn cobs, kebabs, BBQs, bacon, sausages, pizza, ribs, sandwiches, and more possibilities.

The clever non-stick grill mat is expertly-made to be thick to withstand extreme heat and provide a stable, level surface for cooking. Furthermore, it is also thin enough to retain that grill mark look and preserve nutrients, moisture, and that mouth-watering smoky flavor. No worries as this mat eliminates flares up and undercooking issues to deliver that professional, well-balanced grilling. It is safely applicable and can be directly placed on top of any grill, including propane grills, pellet grills, kamado grills, gas/charcoal grills, electric grills, charcoal smokers, and such. This non-stick grill also makes cleaning up a breeze and supports both hand wash and dishwashing. 

Grill like a pro without the messy spills and food waste using this super non-stick professional grilling mat!


  • Non-Mess Grilling
    A high-performance, rectangular grilling mat that is specially-made to successfully transform almost any grill into a superior, 100% non-stick surface. It eliminates residues from building up and the food you're grilling from annoyingly clinging through the grates. Allowing you to effortlessly move or turn your meat anytime and prepare a fine, well-cooked meal without ruining your food texture. What’s more? It also serves as a great coverage for keeping sauces and the option of cooking smaller bits without them slipping through the cracks and down to the fire. No more greasy spills, messy fallen food pieces, and stuck-on scraps left behind your grill anymore! Great for grilling meats, pork, fish, chicken wings/legs, veggies, eggs, seafoods, corn cobs, kebabs, BBQs, bacon, sausages, pizza, ribs, sandwiches, and so much more.   
  • Professional Grilling Results
    Adopts the ideal thickness feature that works wonders for the flavor and texture of your finished grilled meal. It is thick enough to provide you a durable and stable, level surface for cooking while still thin enough to preserve essential nutrients, moisture and that superb grill flavor. No worries as this grilling mat can also leave the grill marks on your marinated or non-marinated food for that perfect overall grilling end result. Moreover, it gets up to temperature fast and supplies the best controlled grill heating temperature to prevent flare ups and undercooking. Providing you a well-balanced cooked food and that mouth-watering flame, smoky charred/broiled flavor that everyone would want to taste of. 

  • Grill and Cleans Easily 
    Can be directly placed on top of the grill without any more complicated installation methods. After that you can now prep your food and grill confidently without the messy sticking, food slipping, and overcooking. This mat is also wide enough to grill several foods at once while still allowing you to easily and freely move your meals. Furthermore, it strikes a remarkable non-sticking quality that’s not only good for cooking, but also for making cleaning up a breeze. It can be simply hand washed and dishwash after each use without the need to scrape your grills anymore or have difficulty in scrubbing back and forth.

  • Works On Any Grill 
    Can be easily and safely placed over the grates of practically any kind of grill. Suitable for propane grills, pellet grills, kamado grills, portable charcoal grills, gas and charcoal grills, electric grills, charcoal smokers, and so much more. It is conveniently reversible so you can place any side without any problems.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of highest grade, food-safe PTFE & PFOA-free coated materials with ultimate non-stick qualities and toughness. It boasts an excellent heat-resistant system that can withstand extreme temperatures and direct flame exposure without melting, deforming, or damaging. This professional grilling mat also passes through several quality and performance tests which guarantees to last for multiple grilling reusability and washes. This pro grill mat does not contain any toxic chemicals which allows it to directly come into contact with any food products without harmful leaching. 


  • Material: Food-safe PTFE & PFOA-free coated fiberglass
  • Size: 33x40cm


  • 1 x Non-Stick Professional Grilling Mat

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