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Plant Grafting Rooting Grow Ball

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Plant Grafting Rooting Grow Ball

Speed up the growth of your favorite greens and create new roots easily using this plant rooting grow ball!

This plant rooting ball supports an air-layering technique that efficiently creates new growth to form directly from the cutted branch plant. Allowing you to easily ‘clone’ and propagate healthier and stronger greeneries with 2x faster growing rate unlike with regular rooting steps. Moreover, it even provides the perfect environment for new greens to grow on and ensures their overall safety. No worries as it does not weigh down, create damages or adverse effects and disturbances from the main plant. Providing you a better chance of a new root system and survival rate to multiply your garden with great ease.

The grow pod adopts a convenient water inlet for rainwater and liquids to freely flow in and transfer nutrients from the plant. It also comes with 4 corner locks and a side latch for maximum security to prevent the ball from opening even through storms and strong wind. Additionally, this rooting ball has an excellent thickness control bottom that can be adjusted ideally to most branches diameter. Suitable for propagating camellias, roses, acers, jasmines, lilacs, fruit trees, roses, magnolias, and other difficult-to-root greens. Made with premium, plant-friendly materials that guarantees long-term usage and environmental exposure without damaging. 

Create an endless plant propagation straight from your precious greeneries with this plant rooting grow ball! 


  • Excellent Plant Propagator
    A remarkable plant helper designed in a high-pressure grafting pod ball that works efficiently to multiply your greeneries in a breeze by leaf cutting or air-layering technique. It encourages natural and maximum air stratification which efficiently creates a ‘clone’ that will directly propagate and form from the branch that you cut on. Delivering you stronger new branches and shrubs while still maintaining the ‘cuttings’ safe and securely attached to the parent plant. What’s more? This plant growing ball provides the perfect environment that will successfully assist a healthy root development to be reproduced on. Making it the best solution especially for plants and vegetations with slower or weak growth rate and those needed reproductive assistance.

  • Damage-Free Faster Rooting
    This air-layered plant rooting ball is specially made to ensure that new growths could stay safe with a controlled environment to grow on. It does not cause any damages to the main branch and can hold securely without weighing the plant down. The growing ball naturally takes in better oxygen, water, and nutrients to effectively transport them straight to the cutted stem for maximum root growth process. Providing you a stronger and healthier greens with a higher chance of a new root system and survival rate. Furthermore, it also promotes a 2x faster growing stage so you can effortlessly expand your garden and greeneries in no time. Giving you results for as quick as a few weeks after installation unlike with the regular growing process. 

  • Convenient Design
    The high-pressure grow ball tool offers a roomy spherical area to hold essential soils in for growing new plants. It supplies a convenient water inlet which allows liquids, rainwater, and such to freely flow and transport minerals and nutrients from the soil and into the greens. No worries as it has drainage holes that can naturally remove excess water to prevent unwanted root rotting, wilting, and plant yellowing that leads to withering. This handy rooting ball also comes with latches that’s placed on the side and four corners to ensure optimal security. It keeps the plant ball from easily reopening even when exposed to strong, harsh wind or unprecedented storms.

  • Wide Application
    This plant rooting grow pod has a smart thickness control bottom that can be adjusted to fit according to the diameter of the branches. It can perfectly latch onto the main branch and support air-layered propagation without harming or causing disturbance and adverse effect to the mother plant. Suitable for different indoor and outdoor plants, including camellias, roses, acers, jasmines, lilacs, fruit trees, roses, magnolias, and other difficult-to-root greens. Simply make a small cut to the branch of the plant you want to duplicate/propagate without chopping off the entire stem, place the soil from the pod, then lock to secure. After that, water them regularly and you just now have to wait for a few weeks for them to grow and propagate out of the cutted branch!   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic PP plastic materials that boasts an excellent durability, reusability, and weather-resistance. It can withstand everyday exposure to extreme environmental temperature, direct sun heat, and storms without damaging, deformation, or rusting. This plant growing ball is completely odorless and it does not emit any harmful chemical leaching to ensure the plant’s overall safety and healthy growth. Available in transparent, black, and green color with small, medium, and large size selection. 
  • Material: PP
  • Size:

  • 1 x Plant Grafting Rooting Grow Ball

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