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Cithway™ Shimmer-Party Tinsel Foil Fringe Curtain

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Cithway™ Shimmer-Party Tinsel Foil Fringe Curtain

Spice up your party space backdrop to the next shining, simmering, festive level using this glamorous silk decorative curtain!

A stunning backdrop decoration designed in a foil-fringed curtain style with a nice metallic glimmer and captivating visual display. It can be easily mounted and decorated to different wall types, doorway, window, classroom, stage background, and such. Making any dull-looking space and bare walls instantly glammed up which radiates more festive energy and eye-catching magical touch. The perfect addition for weddings, birthdays, balls, Christmas, new year, halloween, gender reveal, photoshoot, photobooths, wall backdrops, anniversary, proms, and more possibilities.  

This party tinsel curtain is conveniently wide and long enough to deliver maximum coverage for your walls. No worries as it is professionally-designed to be hung gorgeously without any unwanted tear and creases unlike with other products. Available in different color selections that can meet any event's theme and color scheme, including purple, gold, green, red, pink, blue, rose gold, champagne gold, glossy black, and so on. Simply apply the dual-sided tape horizontally at the top area, remove the film, mount it securely, and done. Made with premium materials that boasts to last and be reused for a variety of occasions without getting ripped or wrinkling. 

Level up any event party’s glam with just a simple prepping with this decorative rain silk shimmer curtain!


  • Magical Glam-up Party Decoration
    A decorative foil-fringed curtain which boasts a stellar glimmer metallic touch that will surely make all guests in awe and get enchanted by the mesmerizing visual display. Allowing it to naturally create an effortless instagram-ready and magical atmosphere to any space that you wouldn't want to miss! It can also nicely reflect light and make the party even more glammed up as it radiates festive energy with a sprinkle of elegance. Moreover, this stunning party rain silk curtain can be easily mounted on walls, doors, and other more possible surfaces without the annoying creases and tears.  

  • Maximum Fringe Coverage
    Adopts a wide and closely-packed fringed style which allows it to look more gorgeously full. It enables you to easily create an excellent coverage for an entire wall and ensures that not a single area would awkwardly be seen through. Furthermore, this foil curtain is also long enough to be draped lovingly and completely hide the top to the bottom end part of your walls. Making it the best decorative piece to make any dull-looking bare walls and surface looking festively high-class that’s worthy for your red-carpet ready dresses or party suits. 

  • Multi-Scene Wall Decoration
    Comes in design glossy, matte, macarron, and such in different color selections. Available in purple, gold, green, red, light blue, powder pink, lake blue, rose gold, champagne gold, glossy black, silver, and so much more. It can complement any home decor and even step up any event to the highest glam level. Suitable for weddings, birthdays, balls, Christmas, new year, halloween, gender reveal, photoshoot, photobooths, wall backdrops, anniversary, proms, and such. This chic rain silk curtain offers endless possibilities for creativity which can be mounted to highlight more of your home decor or to entirely cover bland walls. 

  • Quick and Easy Installation
    Can amp up any space in a second without the complicated steps and cutting anymore. Simply stick the dual-sided tape on the top area, peel-off the protective film, mount it to place, and you're all good. Perfect for different wall types, doorway, window, classroom, and stage background decorations. No worries as this backdrop rain silk curtain can stay hanging for days and can even hold other decorations like balloons, banners, and photos. 
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic PET material that strikes a stunning, decorative touch and reusability. It is expertly-designed to last a long time to be used for a variety of occasions that calls for a dash of sparkle and fun. It does not easily ripped off even after multiple removing and resticking. Additionally, this rain silk shimmer curtain is stored in fine packaging so you can smoothly take it off with ease without creasing or tearing. 


  • Material: PET
  • Color: Purple, gold, blue, pink, black, silver, rose gold, champagne gold, sky blue, red, green, hot pink, grass green, baby blue
  • Size: 1mx2m


  • 1PC/2PCS x Shimmer-Party Tinsel Foil Fringe Curtain

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