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Wall Mounted Kitchen Hanger

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Wall Mounted Kitchen Hanger

Keep the clutter at bay and make use of your cabinet doors with this multi sliding wall mounted kitchen hanger!

This kitchen wall mounted kitchen hanger can instantly turn any cabinet doors into an excellent storing haven. It features 10 hooks that can hold different kitchen utensils at once and keep them neatly organized in one easily accessible place. Saving you from the struggle and time-consuming work of constantly finding your needed tools each cooking time. The inside-cabinet organizer adopts a sliding design that lets you personalize each hook space to meet your storage needs and avoid clanging. Suitable not only for kitchen cabinets, but also for bathroom cabinets, wardrobes/closets, toy cabinets, walls, over doors, and more possibilities. 

The inside-cabinet wall mounted hanger storage offers a superior, non-trace back adhesive that holds securely against different surfaces. It can also store weighty products and 10 different tools at once without the worries of slipping or breaking. What’s more? This organizer’s hooks have a non-slip, deepened design that can stay unbudging and won’t fall off even as you close or open the cabinet. No worries as it is constructed space-savingly and can fit nicely inside cabinets without causing obstruction or any issues. Made with the highest grade plastic material that boasts to last a long years without damaging, losing stickiness, and rusting. 

Level up your home organization and optimize your storage space using this wall mounted kitchen hanger!  


  • Universal Multi-Hook Organizer
    A smart inside-cabinet kitchen organizer that boasts 10 piece sliding hooks to maximize storage space. It allows you to keep your cooking ware neatly arranged in one place while keeping them all easily accessible anytime when needed. Saving you from the hassle and time-consuming work of digging deep through the mess to find your needed kitchen utensil every cook time. No worries as its sliding design enables you to freely personalize the hook space to each other to meet your different storing needs and prevents clanging. What’s more? This multi-hook hanger is also completely hidden inside cabinets to maintain a much more pristine overall space look and to keep items free from dirt and dust. Suitable not only for kitchen cabinets, but also for bathroom cabinets, wardrobes/closets, toy cabinets, walls, over doors, and so on.

  • Powerful Adhesive Hold
    This multifunctional wall mounted kitchen hanger adopts a reliable back adhesion that can be securely adhered through different surface types. Ideal for wood, metal, PVCs, glass, marble, and more possibilities. It even has an excellent load bearing capacity which allows it to store weighty products and 10 different tools at once without slipping or falling off. Great for hanging kitchen colander, ladle, spatula, oven gloves/mitts, pasta server, spoon, whisk brush scrubber, loofah, toys, cap, neck ties, keys, and more possibilities. Lastly, the multi-hook organizer can also withstand exposure to humid environments or moisture without losing stickiness. 

  • Space-Saving Design
    The multi-hook hanger is expertly-crafted to be mounted inside cabinet doors without causing obstruction so you can still completely close the cabinet. It is also slim enough to ensure that it can take advantage of your cabinet doors or walls without taking up too much space. Allowing you to keep your items perfectly organized and not look or be overly crowded. Furthermore, this inside-cabinet organizer has a 15mm wide and deepened design for each hook. It ensures that you can still harshly or swiftly close or open the cabinet door without your utensils falling off.  

  • Easy Non-Punching Installation
    This cabinet door wall mounted kitchen hanger can instantly turn any surface into a nice hanging storage solution hassle-free! Simply wipe the inside of the cabinet door dry and clean first, peel-off the protective film, align and then mount the organizer hook in place. Once done, just press gently to secure the hold and you can now freely organize and hang your items! No more unnecessary tools and complicated drilling or messy gluing that only leaves permanent damages and sticky residues behind. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-grade, non-toxic plastic materials with impressive durabilities and rust-resistant qualities. It has a smooth, polished finish which can hang different items without scratching and causing damage. Additionally, this  mounted kitchen hanger can hold out against an endless year without breaking or losing adhesiveness.  

  • Material: Plastic
  • Max Capacity: 5kg
  • Size: 

  • 1 x Wall Mounted Kitchen Hanger

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