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Cithway™ 1-Clamp-Fix Instant Zipper Kit (6PCS)

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Cithway™ 1-Clamp-Fix Instant Zipper Kit (6PCS)

Never let your bags or jacket be rendered useless again and replace all broken zipper sliders using this easy-fix universal zipper slider!  

This slider head is specially-constructed to successfully replace all old or broken zipper sliders in a breeze. Allowing you to keep your zippered clothes and items working well as new again without the need to pass it to the professional. Simply cut off the broken slider first, open the slider head, apply the slider on the zipper, then slide to fasten or unfasten, and done. No worries as this zipper slider is available in different sizes and type selections that you can use for coil, molded, waterproof, and metal tooth zipper. Suitable for jackets, dresses, baby clothes, pants, skirts, wetsuits, and even for bags, luggages, duffels, wallets, boots, and so on. 

The universal slider promotes an excellent hold to ensure that it can stay through the zipper and be operated without slipping out. Moreover, this zipper slider offers the smoothest sliding performance which enables you to fasten and unfasten with great ease and speed. It can also be gripped comfortably and be slid continuously anytime without leaving any unwanted scratches to ruin your stuff. Made with the highest-grade material that boasts to last multiple years of everyday usage without damaging and rusting. 

Easily save all broken zippers problems in no time only with this easy-fix universal zipper slider! 


  • Instant Zipper Repair
    A heavy-duty slider fixer that serves to instantly replace your old or broken zipper slider so you can mend your precious clothes and items as good as new. It successfully connects onto the interlocking teeth of the zipper and allows a smooth sliding performance for better fastening and unfastening. You can now keep your favorite outfits or bags working again and save you from the need to throw them away or just put them stuck at the back of your closet.

  • Quick and Easy Replacing 
    This quick-repairing slider head can be installed anytime on almost all zippered types without the need to stitch and complicated steps anymore. Simply cut the old slider first to remove, choose the right slider size, open it up by holding the bottom still and pushing back the puller. Once done, place it on the zipper, slide it to fasten or unfasten, and you're good to go! No worries as this zipper slider is small and compact enough that you can neatly store it anywhere without taking up space and be carried around easily for emergency uses. Allowing you to immediately repair and replace broken zippers at home or even when you're out at work or vacation.   

  • Excellent Zipper Hold
    The smart zipper slider adopts impressive gripping qualities to ensure that it won’t snap or fall off easily through your clothes/bag zippers. It offers a smooth gliding performance on any zipper and can withstand continuous back and forth fastening or unfastening without loosening hold. Preventing you from constantly fixing the slider’s connection or worse the need for another replacement again.

  • Fits All Zippers
    This easy-fix slider head comes in a wide range of sizes that can seamlessly fit against different zipper sizes and types. Available coil tooth, molded tooth, waterproof, and metal tooth in sizes XS, S, M, and L selections. Suitable for replacing zippers of both men and women’s clothes of all ages. You can try it out for fixing jackets, dresses, baby clothes, pants, skirts, wetsuits, and even for backpacks, shoulder bags, handbags, luggages, duffels, wallets, boots, and so much more.   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, thickened material that strikes an increased durability and toughness with an exceptional rust-resistance. It can hold out against years of fastening and unfastening without breaking, zippered stucking, and wearing-off. This universal zipper slider replacement does not leave any unwanted scratches or damages behind your clothes and items. The zipper slider can be also grabbed with much ease and comfort for better fastening and unfastening. 
  • Material: Premium Plastic
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  • 6pcs x  Cithway™ 1-Clamp-Fix Instant Zipper

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