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2-in-1 Baby Fruit Pacifier Feeder-Teether

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2-in-1 Baby Fruit Pacifier Feeder-Teether

Make feeding your child a lot easier, safer, and nutritious with this 2-in-1 baby fruit pacifier feeder-teether!

A mom-approved pacifier that naturally aids to stimulate a baby's appetite by introducing them to solid foods without the risk of choking. Featuring a silicone pouch that can store small, digestible fruit pieces and well-sized holes for releasing the flavors and texture bits. Allowing you to easily feed your child by themselves and absorb more vitamins and nutritions while keeping in all bigger pieces. Suitable for different fresh or frozen fruits as well as vegetables, frozen breastmilk chips, and other baby foods. The baby feeder can even act as a great teething toy that instantly relieves pain and discomfort during their teething phase.     

This baby feeder-teether pacifier promotes a super-soft and flexible design to ensure that it can be safely chewed and sucked on anytime. Providing them a gentle massage-like pressure for maximum gum soothing experience and comfort as they suck in a whole food goodness. What’s more? It adopts a bulb-like shape feeding pouch that’s suitable for tiny mouths and an ergonomic handle that can be easily gripped on. The baby fruit pacifier can be also easily unbuckle to open for a quick and thorough cleaning and simple food stashing at all times. Made with premium, food-grade materials that can last an endless year without damaging or toxic leaching! 

Introduce your child with nutritious solid food without the choking dangers using this 2-in-1 baby fruit pacifier feeder-teether!


  • Baby Feeding Fruit Pacifier
    An expertly designed fruit holder pacifier that helps to enhance a baby's appetite by introducing and letting them consume solid food nutrients. It adopts a silicone pouch that can store fresh or frozen fruits and even bits of vegetables, frozen breastmilk chips, and other baby foods. Moreover, the pacifier comes with lots of well-sized holes that can nicely release the flavors and some texture of the food while ensuring that big chunks are kept in. Allowing your precious baby to feed safely and absorb more vitamins and healthy bits without the risk or worries of choking. 

  • Maximum Gum Relief
    Can also double as an excellent teething toy that instantly relieves pain and discomfort when babies teeth start developing. It supplies a soft-to-touch, flexible silicone that can be 100% safely chewed and sucked on anytime by your child. Providing them a gentle pressure and massage that will surely soothe sore gums as they go through their teething phase. It can even be stored with cold fruits and other baby-safe frozen digestible treats to numb swollen gums and achy areas while simultaneously feeding them. Lastly this feeding-teether pacifier can successfully promote baby’s independence as they feed and settle.

  • Ergonomic Design
    Offers a bulb-like shape feeding pouch that can suit even your tots tiny mouths to eat easily with high-comfort. It has an ergonomically-designed, sturdy handle that can be securely grip on by your kids delicate hands. No worries as the pacifier is smooth and flexible enough to prevent any sort of harm or irritations to your child's mouth and hands as they feed. It can even confidently suck on without sacrificing their breathing and causing blocking unlike with other products. Furthermore, it has an easy-to-open buckle for quickly stashing in baby food at all times and securely keeping them from spillage!

  • Easy to Clean and Use
    Has amazing non-sticking qualities which makes cleaning up even more easier and speedy for both hand wash and dishwash use. It can be also dismantled for a much deeper scrubbing to remove stuck-on residues inside the silicone pouch. What’s more? You can just simply unbuckle to open, prepare the right treat size of your choice, insert the food, then close the lid to secure. After that, you can give it to your baby to munch on and enjoy without any choking hazards!

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, food-grade and BPA-free thickened silicone materials that boasts a remarkable durability. It can hold out against everyday stress of being nibbled, munch, and washed on for multiple years without deforming, breaking, and wearing-off. This baby fruit pacifier is also completely phthalate free, latex free, and lead free. It ensures that it can be put in the mouth and be directly come into contact with any food products without any toxic leaching for overall safety and health.


  • Material: Food-grade, BPA-free silicone
  • Color: Green / Blue / Pink / Yellow / Gray / Baby blue / Baby pink / Baby yellow


  • 1 x 2-in-1 Baby Fruit Pacifier Feeder-Teether
  • 1 x Clear Storage Case
  • 2 x Silicone Pouches

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