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Cithway™ 2-in-1 Kitchen Grip and Flip Spatula

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Cithway™ 2-in-1 Kitchen Grip and Flip Spatula

Say goodbye to the struggle of turning your favorite cuisine while cooking using this 2-in-1 kitchen grip and flip spatula!

A unique spatula tool that is expertly-crafted in a tong-like design to deliver an easier and better food gripping, flipping, and cooking performance. It can hold food like a regular tong, but with more precision and gentleness so you can properly turn them without getting misshapen and ruined. This kitchen spatula is also highly versatile and sturdy enough to work even on heavier meats and other bulky-sized food with no issues. What’s more? You can even use it for effortlessly transferring your meals from the pan straight to the plate. Suitable for fish filets, burgers, steaks, chicken, quesadillas, pancakes, sunny side up eggs, scrambled, bacon, meat fried food, and so on. 

This clever grip-and-flip spatula is comfortably lightweight and it provides a non-slip, ergonomic design that fits nicely to the hand. It serves you with better, secured gripping and an easier gripping, flipping, and overall maneuverability. The spatula-tong adopts excellent heat resistance that can withstand daily cooking temperature from up to 428 °F with no damage or melting. Furthermore, it is 100% non-stick to ensure that no food would retain clinging for a deep, and effortless hand wash or dishwashing after use. No worries as this 2-in-1 kitchen tool can be also confidently used anytime without worrying about it scraping or scratching on your pan. 

Make cooking even more fun and easily maneuver food with this 2-in-1 kitchen grip and flip spatula!


  • Grip and Flip Spatula
    An innovative kitchen spatula that’s crafted with a tong-like feature which allows it to smoothly grip, flip, and fry in a breeze. You can also use it for effortlessly lifting and draining your freshly cooked food from excess oils and securely transferring it to plate. Moreover, it adopts nice sturdy qualities and versatility that can work even on heavier meats and other bulky-sized food with no issues unlike with regular flimsy spatulas. Suitable for handling and cooking fish, burgers, steaks, chicken breast, quesadillas, pancakes, sunny side up eggs, scrambled eggs, bacon, meat strips, and more possibilities. 

  • Ergonomic Design
    Highly lightweight and it supports a non-slip, lengthened handle that suits both lefties and right handed. Providing you much easier maneuverability and maximum, secured gripping to prevent unwanted slippage even for those with sweaty hands. Its humanized design allows the 2-in-1 spatula to be used for prolonged cooking sessions without experiencing hand fatigue and discomfort. No worries as this spatula is completely smooth and it can swiftly grip the food without scratching. Allowing you to confidently cook with great ease and speed with no unwanted marks behind left on the pan surface. Furthermore, it has a 2 prong fork style which ensures that even delicate food won’t get squeezed and ruined such as the yolk of eggs. 

  • Excellent High Temperature Resistant
    Adopts superior heat resistant capabilities that can withstand temperatures up to an impressive 428 °F (220 °C). Eliminating the risk and worries of it getting burned, melting, warping, deforming or causing dangerous fire hazards. Safe to be used for frying, grilling, or for simply flipping and transferring food to make food a prep a cinch. A great cooking tool for beginners, professional cook, mothers, DIYers, students, at-home, restaurants, food stalls, and such. 
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
    Conveniently non-stick so you can easily cook without the food clinging to keep them on tip top condition always. It also helps to make cleaning up a breeze as it does not retain odors and stubborn cooked-on scraps behind. This grip and flip spatula can be easily hand washed and is also safe to be stashed inside a dishwasher. Preventing any sort of harmful bacterial and odor growth that might contaminate through food. It is ideally slim and compact so you can store it inside your kitchen drawer, cupboard, cabinet, or be hung without taking up much space. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of highest-grade, BPA-free non-stick nylon materials that promotes an amazing durability and heat resistance. It can hold out against long-lasting years of everyday cooking without breaking, deforming, rusting, and melting. This unique tong-like spatula is 100% non-toxic and it can come into direct contact with any food products with not a touch of harmful leaching. Available in different popping color selections, including black, gray, red, and mint green.


  • Material: Food-grade, BPA-free nylon
  • Size: 31x8.5cm
  • Color: Black / Gray / Red / Mint green


  • 1 x  2-in-1 Kitchen Grip and Flip Spatula

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