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Cithway™ 3-in-1 Drink Filtering Spoon Straw

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Cithway™ 3-in-1 Drink Filtering Spoon Straw

🍹Take a sip from your favorite drink anytime, anywhere you are without the annoying solid bits using this 3-in-1 Drink Filtering Spoon Straw!

This handy metal straw is combined with a unique spoon-like end covered with fine straining holes for that additional versatility. Allowing you smoothly sip onto any liquid comfortably while simultaneously filtering unwanted contents from being drunk on. Suitable for drinking ice coffee, teas, fruit juices, cold lemonades, chocolate, water, sodas, and such. It can also be used for stirring up your refreshment to get that perfect blend and flavorsome taste. What’s more? This reusable filtering straw allows easier transferring of powdered drinks and for swiftly removing all filtered bits. 

The multipurpose filter straw designed with oval tip which can extend the enjoyment time and make the drink more tasty, also features a fine polished tip that can be safely put in the mouth and easily sipped on. It can be used confidently at all times for drinking your favorite beverage without causing a single harm for both the mouth and hands. Furthermore, this all-in-one straw promotes a lengthened design to reach every drop even through the bottom of bigger glass. It is also portable enough to be carried anytime, anywhere and neatly stored inside different bags without taking up space. No worries as it offers an included brush that can thoroughly clean the inside of the straw after each use for maximum reusability and hygienic use.  

Ditch the plastic straws and go for an eco-friendly option that works more than just for sipping with this 3-in-1 Drink Filtering Spoon Straw!


  • All-in-One Metal Straw🍹
    A clever stainless steel straw that is specially designed with a spoon-like end covered with fine straining holes for an added versatile usage. It enables you to sip directly on your beverage anytime while simultaneously filtering all unwanted contents without the need to manually remove them anymore. Preventing loose tea leaves, seeds, herbs, solid contents, ice chips, undissolved powders, and such from being drunk. This metal straw can be even used for stirring your drink which allows ingredients to blend more perfectly and deliciously together. Additionally, it can even work as a teaspoon and transfer powdered teas, chocolate, milk, juice, coffee or even for removing all the filtered contents out.

  • Comfortable to Sip on🍹
    This multipurpose straw comes with a well-made drinking tip that makes sipping much easier. It does not also contain any hard or sharp materials to ensure that it can be used anytime with not a single harm to the mouth and hands. Moreover, the straw adopts a perfectly sized hole for a smoother slurping experience. It even has a subtle curve which allows drinking to be more comfortable for the user. No worries as this metal straw provides a lengthened feature so it can reach all liquids up to the cup’s bottom and be used even on larger drinking glass without issues. Suitable for when you're drinking ice coffee, teas, juices, cold lemonades, chocolate, water, sodas, and so much more.

  • Portable Design🍹
    The Filtering Spoon Straw is ideally lightweight and it offers a non-slip ergonomic feature for a secured gripping and maximum control. Making sipping, stirring, transferring or removing of contents much comfortable and hassle-free. It is also slim and portably sized to neatly stash inside most bags while saving more space for other essentials. Furthermore, its rigidity allows it to be squeezed or get top on with heavy objects without breaking, deforming, and bending unlike with plastic or paper straws. A great reusable straw to bring on for when you're out for coffee, hotels, apartment, dormitories, road trip, vacation, and more possibilities.
  • Easy to Clean🍹
    This all-in-one straw-filter spoon includes a convenient cleaning brush that can thoroughly scrub inside with great ease and speed. Allowing you to take all dried on liquid residues, dirt, and odors away to keep the straw hygienically to be sip on anytime. What’s more? It also helps to prevent harmful build up of germs and bacterias that might contaminate your drink. Simply pour a little amount of soap and water, insert the brush in the straw, pass it through the entire length of the straw, scrub back and forth to clean, rinse, and done.

  • Premium Quality🍹
    Made of high-quality, food-grade stainless steel material that boasts an excellent durability and rust-resistant performance, also keeps the temperature of drink more consistent. It can hold out against several years of reusability and washes without damaging, molding, and rusting. This multipurpose  filtering straw is completely non-toxic and it can come into direct contact with any food or liquid product without leaching.  

  • Material: Food-grade Stainless Steel
  • Size: 

  • 1 x Cithway™  3-in-1 Fruit Filtering Spoon Straw
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush

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