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5 Seconds Bonding UV Light Glue Pen

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5 Seconds Bonding UV Light Glue Pen

Make a quick repair with long-lasting, resilient bonds only with this all-in-one bonding UV light glue pen! 

An ultimate handyman’s glue pen that adopts a special UV adhesion which only hardens and bonds when cured using the included UV light. It boasts a pro-quality finish that guarantees to repair and connect material together with a heavy-duty, permanent adhesive bond strength. What’s more? It has a fast-curing effect which allows you to successfully fix, fill, and securely seal for as fast as 5-10 seconds with no efforts at all. Simply apply the glue to the broken area, connect both materials together to fix, use the UV light to cure the glue with a long-lasting bond, and done. Suitable for fixing ceramic pots, toys, data cables, glasses frames, jewelry, glasses, furniture, footwear, and more. 

This UV light bonding glue pen can perfectly withstood a remarkable pressure and temperature without losing adhesion. It can also resist everyday exposure to liquids like water and moisture with no issues. Moreover, this UV glue pen is ideally light and it offers a non-slip, ergonomic design for that maximum gripping and control. No worries as it is portable enough to neatly stash inside bags and toolbox anytime for an easy quick repair anywhere! Made with premium quality materials and ingredients that can be safely used without unwanted adverse effects. 

Why struggle with the sticky, messy fixing when you can have an easy and fast-curing, permanent bonding with this UV light glue pen!    


  • Easy 5 Second Fixing
    An innovative fixing tool which promotes an ultraviolet adhesion and a built-in ultraviolet light for maximum curing performance. It enables you to instantly repair and connect materials together by forming the glue with a super-strong bond due to chemical reaction when exposed to the UV light. No worries as the UV light offers a fast-curing effect so you can fix, fill, and securely seal for as fast as 5 seconds with great ease. Making it a great helper for beginners, professionals, hobbyists, DIYers, handymen and women. Simply clean the surface you’ll apply on, apply the UV glue, connect the materials together, use the UV light to cure and fix, you're all done.

  • Bonds To Any Surface
    This UV light glue pen adopts a professional-grade special adhesion that can securely bond works very well on a range of material types easily in no time. Suitable for fixing plastics, wood, ceramic, metal, glass, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, leather, and such. What’s more? It supplies a nice, transparent effect for a more flawlessly seamless repair finish that no one would even know that they’re broken before. The perfect fixer for ceramic pots, picture frames, toys, data cables, glasses frames, jewelry, kitchenware, glasses, furniture, footwear, and more possibilities. 

  • Powerful UV Light Bonding
    The all-in-one repairing pen supports a superior gluing capabilities that creates an excellent gap filling and bonding effect. Allowing you to achieve that strong and permanent bond without the need for complicated methods anymore. This ultraviolet gluing has a waterproof bonding that can withstand liquids like water and moisture without losing adhesion. It also prompts an impressive temperature resistant cured bond finish that won’t melt or weaken after exposure to cold and heat.  

  • Ergonomic Design
    This UV bonding pen is super lightweight in the hands and it offers a non-slip, comfortable hold just like your regular writing pen. Providing you a secured gripping and a much easier and better overall maneuverability even for those with wet and sweaty palms. You can use it for a prolonged use for all of your different project repairs without experiencing hand fatigue or painful tightness during and after utilization. The glue repair pen is also compact enough to neatly stash inside bags or toolbox with still more room for other items. Ideal to be carried around anytime, anywhere for an instant and effortless pro-quality repairs. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-grade, non-toxic polyvinyl alcohol and white latex ingredients with a remarkable UV light curing and powerful bond performance. Furthermore, the bonding finish can stay stably secured and durable for a long-lasting years without weakening or damaging the surface material. It can also be coated with any sort of paint to make your repairs more seamless and brand-new looking. The UV glue and light are both odorless and they do not emit any harmful chemicals to ensure the users overall safety and health.  

  • Weight: 17g
  • 1 x 5 Seconds Bonding UV Light Glue Pen 

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