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Aexzr™ 3-in-1 Hairline Concealing Powder Stamp

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Aexzr™ 3-in-1 Hairline Concealing Powder Stamp

Give your hair and brows a beautifully thickened and naturally youthful appearance only with this 3-in-1 hairline concealing powder!

A fine hair powder that boasts an excellent concealing effect which instantly hides hair thinning, widening hairline, bald spots, and unevenness. Delivering you with a gorgeously fuller and healthy hair appearance with a nice, seamless finish in just a few easy brushes or stamping. It can even work for filling up brows and provides a perfectly defined thick arches that every woman would want to have. No worries as the powder stamp comes in a set with a spoolie brush and template guides for shaping up your brows speedily with no effort! What’s more? It also offers a stellar color-treating solution that will surely cover up every graying or white roots for a more youthful look! 

This 3-in-1 concealing-filling hair powder strikes a remarkable staying power and high-waterproof qualities. Providing you a nicely concealed and filled hairline, brows, or grays all day long without fading or messy smearing even on any season. Moreover, it can also maintain flawlessly unbudging and will not transfer even when you run your finger on your hair. The hair powder features a straightforward, mess-free stamp or glide application and can blend perfectly with any hair type and texture. Made with all-natural, gentle ingredients that can be used everyday without the risk of dryness, breakage, or fallouts. 

Nicely cover up hair-loss in an instant with just a simple glide using this 3-in-1 hairline concealing powder stamp!


  • 3-in-1 Powder Stamp
    An ultimate quick-fix hair powder that effectively covers widening hairline, thinning scalp, bald spots, and unevenness in just a few simple stamping. Providing your hair a healthy, fuller, and thicker appearance with a nice, seamless finish that no one would even know its just powder! What’s more? This stamp can even work as an excellent eyebrow makeup and fills up sparse or fully bald brows for that gorgeously defined, thick arches. No worries as it comes with different brow templates so you can shape your arches like a pro without the effort. Lastly, it also serves as an amazing color-treating solution for concealing unwanted graying or white roots for a more younger-looking effect. Available in 4 natural-looking shades selections, including light brown, natural brown, dark brown, and black to meet your different concealing and filling needs.   

  • Long-Lasting Effect
    Adopts a superior long-wearing performance that grips completely unbudging to the hair. It also promotes an impressive waterproof capability that can withstand rain, water, splashes, and sweat. Providing you flawlessly filled in or concealed hair all day and night long without it fading, smudging, and that embarrassing messy color that drips. You can now confidently use it even on the sweatiest of days or rainy seasons with no issues and little to no retouching needed!
  • Ergonomic Design
    Comes in a handy bottle with a sponge applicator end that smoothly discharges the powder straight to the balding spots totally mess-free. It is ideally light in the hands and it has a non-slip body which allows secured gripping and an easier, maximum maneuverability at all times. Furthermore, this powder concealer-filler can be neatly stored inside bags, pouches, makeup kits, and such while still saving more space for other items. Allowing it to be easily carried around for a quick, perfect filling and concealing anytime, anywhere. A great assistant whether you're at-home or during vacations, out of town/country, parties, hotels, business trips, and more possibilities.     
  • Quick and Easy Concealing
    Can blend and adhere flawlessly on your needed area in just a stamp or glide method. Simply fix the area that you're applying, gently shake the bottle, stamp or brush the applicator directly to the thin, bald, or graying part, and you're all good to go. No more complicated product mixing or the need to use wax and setting spray after! Ideal for beginners, professional artists, salon, and especially those with sparseness, white hair, unevenness, thin brows and other issues.

  • All-Natural Formulation
    Formulated with the highest grade, non-toxic, and hair-friendly natural ingredients mixture with an exceptional natural-looking pigmentation. It provides a lightweight consistency that blends seamlessly and safely with any hair type and texture without damaging. Eliminating the risk of dryness, breakage, or the powder clogging through the tips which leads to unwanted fallouts and balding.  


  • Net weight: 16.8g
  • Shelf year: 3yrs
  • Color: #1 Light brown / #2 Natural brown / #3 Dark brown / #4 Black


  • 1 x 3-in-1 Hairline Concealing Powder Stamp
  • 2 x Brow brush
  • 1 x Brow Shape Template Guide Set (10pcs)

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