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All-purpose Magnetic 3-in-1 Plug Charging Cable

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All-purpose Magnetic 3-in-1 Plug Charging Cable
Snap charging cords into place in a breeze with this universal magnetic charging cable!

A smart charging cable featuring a powerful magnetic tip that can safely stay to the device port and swiftly connects to the cord once near. Providing you a much easier and speedy cable plugging and pulling anytime even with one-hand or no look! Ideal especially for those who needed a power boost while on the road or doing busywork. This magnetic cable adopts a superior high-charging rate that guarantees to completely refill your phone in a breeze. What’s more? It has an amazing 480 Mbps data transmission that allows small to larger files to quickly move from one device to another. Great for transferring photos, videos, music, movies, and other documents.  

This super-charging magnetic cable has an LED green light that illuminates automatically once connected successfully to indicate charging. It also helps so you can easily see your mobile even in a dark room or any low light space. Moreover, it is available in Type C interface, Lightning and Micro-usb interface to meet all your charging needs. Suitable for smartphones, tablets, airpods, game consoles, smart watches and other devices of different models. Made with premium material that promises to withstand years of charging, bending, and pulling or insertion without tearing and other damages.

Take the hassle out of plugging your cords everytime you need a power boost and use this universal magnetic charging cable! 


  • Extra-Strong Magnetism
    A high-performance charging cable designed with a smart N52 powerful magnetic tip that connects automatically and swiftly to the cable when close by. The magnet tip can grip securely to the charging port and be left there even when not in use. Allowing you to effortlessly, safely, and quickly insert or pull the cable anytime one-handedly with no issues. Saving you from the hassle of looking for the port and plugging anytime especially while on the road or doing work. 

  • Fast Charging and Data Transfer
    This magnetic cable adopts an impressive charging performance that guarantees to completely refill your phone in no time with a long-lasting usage. Moreover, the magnetic cable also boasts 480 Mbps that can successfully transfer data from one device to another at top speed. Suitable for transmitting little to even bigger file size of photos, videos, music, movies, documents, and more possibilities. No more prolonged waiting for battery boosting data transmission anymore! What’s more? This fine cable can effectively work without ruining your device batteries and hardware.

  • LED Indicator Light
    The quick charging cable supports a convenient LED indicator green light that illuminates immediately anytime as it gets connected. It enables you to easily discern when your mobile is charging or not and when the cable successfully links to the magnetic tip. It is also bright enough to be seen clearly so you can access your device even in the darkest night or any low light space. No worries as the LED light is soft and gentle to prevent any eye discomfort and harm.

  • Wide Application
    This magnetic charging cable comes in 3 different magnetic tip selections, including Type C, Lightning and Micro-usb interface to meet your needs. The cable adopts a USB end that can support any USB port charger, laptops, computer, extension, and such. Suitable for charging smartphones, tablets, airpods, game consoles, smart watches and other devices of different models. It has an amazing cable length so you can charge and freely use your mobile simultaneously without the need to stay near to the outlet!

  • Premium Quality
    Made of military-grade, aluminum fiber and nylon braided material that strike the best fast charging capabilities and non-tear pulling. It can withstand endless bending and pulling/insertion without wearing-off or loosening magnetism. It also does not cause any electrical leaching and hazards even when left plugged to the device. Furthermore, this universal magnetic charging cable’s nylon style saves you from the tangled mess! Available in black (3 head types), red (3 head types), silver (3 head types), black (cable only), red black (cable only), silver black (cable only), silver Type C head, silver Iphone head, and silver Android head.    


  • Material: ABS
  • Length: 1 meter
  • 1 x Magnetic Lightning Plug 
  • 1 x Magnetic Micro-usb Plug 
  • 1 x  Magnetic Type-c Plug
  • 1 x  Charging Cable


  • 1 x Magnetic Lightning/Micro-usb/Type-c Plug 


  • 1 x  Charging Cable


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