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Anti-mold Toothbrush Holder (With Mug)

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Anti-mold Toothbrush Holder (With Mug)
Give your oral hygiene items their own organized designated place with this anti-mold mug toothbrush holder!

A color-contrast toothbrush rack that comes with an included mug which can be easily slid in and out for a convenient brushing and rinsing. It features a large-capacity design that can neatly store multiple toothbrushes, toothpaste, and even some oral care tubes or ointments. Allowing you to successfully keep your dental toiletry free from bacterial growth and perfectly organized in one accessible place. What’s more? This toothbrush  holder supports a powerful back adhesive that can be securely mounted against different wall surface types. It lets you utilize your wall space without causing obstruction for a much stylish and streamlined bathroom look. 

The wall-mounted toothbrush organizer adopts an inverted mug storing style that allows all liquid to flow away for a quick drying performance. No worries as the rack also effectively drains and promotes great ventilation to maintain a dry and hygienic storing area with each usage. This toothbrush rack can also withstand everyday exposure to water and moisture without damaging, mold accumulation or losing stickiness. Furthermore, its trendy color contrasting design can stylishly blend and enhance your dull-looking walls and overall bathroom look. Simply clean the wall first, remove the back adhesion, mount it in place, and done. No more complicated drillings and permanent hole marks left behind! 

Keep your toothbrush clean and always at hand using this anti-mold mug toothbrush holder!


  • Unique Toothbrush Rack
    A smart two-colored, wall-mounted toothbrush rack that’s combined with a convenient cup and its own holder for a much easier rinsing or gargling after brushing. The toothbrush rack supplies a large capacity design that can store in several brushes, including your toothpaste and some cleanser tubes. Allowing you to place your toiletries neatly organized in one place while keeping them all easily accessible at all times for your regular oral care. Saving you from unhygienically leaving your brushes on sink counters only to cause unwanted clutter and nasty build ups of germs that leads to oral health infections.    

  • Practical Design
    This toothbrush rack is expertly-constructed to maximize and cleverly utilize your wall space availability for a much more clean, streamlined bathroom look. It is also highly compact to ensure that it can be mounted almost anywhere without causing obstruction and taking up too much area. What’s more? It adopts an inverted cup storing style which allows the rinsing cup to stay upside down to effectively drain water and rapidly dries it off after each use. The rack also lets you store your toothbrushes stably upright and with enough space to dry fairly without contaminating each other. No worries as it has an excellent ventilation and drainage performance to avoid water from pooling in. Lastly, this toothbrush organizer is perfectly dustproof to shield your items and the holder itself from breeding germs, dirts, and other air particles. 

  • Ultra-Strong Adhesion
    The toothbrush holder comes with a superior non-tracing back adhesion that can securely mount against different surface types. Suitable for glass walls, tiled wall, marbled wall, metal wall, wood surfaces, and more possibilities. It also promotes impressive waterproofing qualities that can withstand daily exposure to moisture, water, and other liquids without slippage or completely falling off the floor. Furthermore, this oral hygiene holder boasts a strong load bearing capacity that can remain unbudging even when storing several brushes at once. Making it a great toothbrush organizer for solo, family or partner.      

  • Easy Non-Damaging Installation
    This toothbrush holder organizer can be installed in seconds without the complicated steps and unnecessary tools anymore. Simply clean the wall first, peel-off the protective film from the adhesive, mount the toothbrush rack accordingly in place, put your brushes and toothpaste in, and you're all good. No worries as it can be easily removed any time without leaving unpleasant drill holes, marks, sticky residues, and other damages behind. It comes with a nordic color contrasting style that can blend seamlessly and amp up your bathroom space and dull-looking bare walls. Available in 4 stylish color selections, including blue, green, orange, and yellow. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic polypropylene and ABS plastic materials that strikes a nice blend of durability, excellent storing, and powerful adhesion. It promises to hold out against an endless years of usage without damaging, rusting, and weakening stickiness. Moreover, this anti-mold mug toothbrush holder can be easily washed clean with water to keep it free from dirt and germs. 
  • Material: PP
  • Size:

  • 1 x Toothbrush Holder
  • 1 x Mug

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