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Anti-shifting Non-piercing Quilt Sheet Clip

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Anti-shifting Non-piercing Quilt Sheet Clip

Say hello to a good night’s sleep and keep your comforter comfy in place using this non-piercing quilt sheet clip!

A multifunctional securing clip that can successfully hold your quilt down neatly and free from shifting and slipping off. Allowing you to toss and turn during sleep without your covers leaving away from your body only to wake you at night. It also helps you to keep your bedding flat and unwrinkled once you're up to deliver that luxurious 5 star hotel feel. Featuring an innovative needle-free design and 180° flexibility that can hold to quilts of various thicknesses with a safe, non-slip fixation. Eliminating the risk of painful skin prickling, needle scratching, and constant unbuckling. Suitable for quilts, duvets, comforters, baby blankets, and even for curtains, clothes, sofa covers, tablecloths, carpets, and such. 

This non-piercing quilt clip supports an impressive durability that can work properly and withstand up to 20 kg of weight with no issues. It is also ideally light and non-obtrusive to give you that maximum high-comfort experience. What’s more? The quilt buckle comes with an easy one-press locking and removal that can hold your duvets in place in a breeze. Simply prepare your quilt, press open the clip, attach it to the  edge of the quilt and press to lock firmly, repeat until all edges are secured, and done. Made with premium, fabric-friendly materials that promises a long-term usage without breaking, rusting, and weakening hold! 

No more blanket shifting and leaving your skin to give warmth with this non-piercing quilt clip!


  • Anti-Slip Quilt Fixer Clips
    A clever bed clip that is specially designed to hold quilts, duvets, comforters or blankets and keep them fixed down in place. It enables you to freely toss, move, and turn around during your sleep without your quilt running or slipping away from your body for a much peaceful deep sleep. Saving you from the worries of being awoken from your slumber every night due to the cold when your quilt slips off. No worries as it also acts as a great tool for securing your beddings neat and free from unsightly wrinkles. Providing you that luxurious 5 star hotel appearance so you won’t have to leave your beddings looking like chaos anymore.   
  • Powerful Needleless Quilt Holding
    This multifunctional securing clip supports an innovative buckle-like, safe pinless fixation with 180° flexibility that can hold onto quilts of various thicknesses. Allowing you to secure your blankets neatly without leaving permanent holes and damages behind unlike with other products. The clip also eliminates the risk of getting your skin prick and other possible painful injuries. Moreover, it has great toughness that can hold your quilt from up to a maximum of 20 kg of weight with ease. It supplies an excellent hold with 11 anti-slip slot designs that won’t easily unbuckle, shift, and slip out even as you move around your sleep. 

  • Comfortable Design
    The non-piercing quilt buckle is so light that you can apply multiple pieces to hold your sheet in place without weighing you down. It is ideally compact and small in size to prevent it from being obtrusive in any way and causing unwanted discomfort. This clip does not also contain any sharp edges or materials so it can accidentally be touched or come into contact during sleep without scratching. Suitable for holding your quilts, children’s blankets, and even for curtains, socks, clothes, sofa covers, tablecloths,  carpets, and more possibilities.   
  • One-Second Installation
    This quilt clip promotes a user-friendly one-press locking and removal that can be installed to your duvets in no time. Simply prepare your quilt first, open the lock, press it to the edge of your quilt, and lock it again to secure, repeat until all edges already have a clip, and you're done. You can freely insert as many as you like depending on your sheet’s weight needs. No more complicated installations or unnecessary piercing anymore which only leave damages and causes throbbing skin prickling.     
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality and non-toxic, fabric-friendly ABS plastic material with an amazing durability. It can hold out against several years of everyday usage and stress without breaking, wearing-off, and weakening hold. Furthermore, this non-piercing quilt clip buckle is completely rust-resistant and it can withstand any humid environment.  
  • Material: ABS
  • 1 x Anti-shifting Non-piercing Quilt Sheet Clip

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