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Anti-Stress Fidget Dice Toy

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Anti-Stress Fidget Dice Toy

Say goodbye to restlessness and double up your focus with this anti-stress fidget dice toy!

A handy blue camouflaged dice-shaped toy featuring different anti-stress buttons that you can freely fidget on to each 6 sides. Providing you more varieties and the perfect outlet to instantly relax and effectively redirects attention away from any negative emotions. Making it a great helper to calm stress, anxiety, tension, frustration, nervousness, fear, uneasiness, and more possibilities. This fidget dice also keeps your hands busy using a nice, physical sensory distraction that can combat unhealthy habits during stress. No more nail biting, skin scratching, hair pulling, head hitting, intense fidgeting, and other harmful coping mannerism when exposed to anxiety. 

This anti-stress dice fidget even works as an excellent tool to block out distractions, boredom, and spaciousness while keeping you calm. Allowing you to enhance mental focus to naturally  improve overall productivity and performance. Ideal for children, elderly, and those experiencing ADHD, stress, anxiety, fidgety, poor concentration, nervousness, and those needing instant relief. No worries as it is ideally lightweight and small to be stashed inside pockets or carried around anytime, anywhere with ease. The fidget toy is also discreet enough so you can soothe anxiety on busy outdoors or quiet places without causing distraction. Great for home, train, mall, school, office, library, parks, restaurants, and more.  

Fight off stress and anxiety with just a simple click and touch of this anti-stress fidget dice toy!


  • Maximum Relaxation Effect
    A hand-held, blue dice shaped toy specially constructed with different fidget features that can be click, roll, turn, and such to give you multiple varieties in one. It successfully serves as a unique and fun alternative to provide an excellent physical outlet for reducing stress, anxiety, tension, frustration, and nervous energy. Allowing you to perfectly keep your hands busy with a nice soothing sensory distraction that effectively redirects your attention away from any negative emotions. Moreover, this fidget also lets you release those unwanted feelings directly from the toy to prevent you from bursting it out elsewhere that can lead to unhealthy habits. Eliminating the risk of nail biting, skin scratching, hair pulling, harming yourself, intense fidgeting, and so on.    

  • 6 Anti-Stress Dice Sides
    Comes with 6 sides that are equipped with different anti-stress buttons that you can use on. The first side has 5 buttons that you can click endlessly while the second side supports a joystick-like fidget that you can move along just like when playing. Furthermore, the 3rd side simulates a light switch that can be pressed on and off non-stop and a slightly hollowed surface that relieves fatigue on the 4th side. The 5th side offers a free-rolling sphere and 3 dials while the last side comes with a rotating disc button. All fidget features from the dice support instant relaxation that can help people of all ages with different stress levels. The fidget dice also creates sensory relieving sounds except for the 2 sides which are silent. 

  • Boost Up Mental Focus
    Not only relieves negative emotions, but it also helps in increasing levels of neurotransmitters in the brain which enhances mental focus. It enables you to naturally fight off stress, nervousness, anxiety, and block out distractions, boredom, and spaciousness. Making it a great tool to stay calm while simultaneously assisting you to boost attention, sharpens mind, and improves overall productivity and performance. Suitable for children, elderly, and those experiencing ADHD, stress, anxiety, fidgety, poor concentration, nervousness, and those needing instant relief.    

  • Highly Portable
    Super light in the hands and it has a small size that you can easily carry around anytime, anywhere. It can be neatly stashed inside pockets, wallets, pouches, bags, and such without taking up much space. It is also discreet enough to be fidget on even in a busy area or silent room without causing distractions to anyone. Suitable when you're at-home or outside for university, work, transportation, plane, mall, library, parks, restaurants, and so much more.  

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic plastic material in a trendy blue camouflage color design. It has a remarkable durability that guarantees to withstand multiple years of daily exposure to pressure and fidgeting without damaging and rusting. This anti-stress dice toy does not also contain any harmful edges or surface so you can freely press, click, and play it on without injury. 


  • Material: Non-toxic plastic
  • Color: Black Red / Black Purple / Black Orange / Black / White black/ White Blue / White Green / White Pink / White Yellow / Blue Yellow
  • Size: 3.3*3.3*3.3cm


  • 1 x Anti-Stress Fidget Dice Toy

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