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Cithway™ Child Grow-up Extendable Clothes Hanger

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Cithway™ Child Grow-up Extendable Clothes Hanger

Easily adjust to the size of any clothing and hang them up with this multipurpose retractable baby clothes hanger! 

An innovative retractable baby hanger that can be easily adjusted in 7 levels to meet your kid’s clothing size through their growing stage. Allowing it to nicely fit and hang garments from newborns, 0-6 ages, 7-12 ages, and even to their teenage years of 13-18 age up. Saving you from the troubles of forcing your toddler’s clothes to a regular hanger which only damages and makes the fabrics loosen. The telescopic hanger even comes with a cute bear shape hook which enables the hangers to be smartly stacked up to one another. Providing you a much convenient solution to hang more clothes while still remaining neatly space saving.   

This multi-level adjustment hanger adopts a strong load-bearing that can withstand weighty damp clothes, thick fabrics, and stack-up hanging. It offers a well-crafted curved shape that fits seamlessly to the contours of any shirt to prevent unsightly shoulder creases and fold marks. What’s more? It does not contain any sharp edges and materials to keep all fabric types free from snagging and getting ruined. Suitable for baby garments, skirts, t-shirts, polos, onesies, jackets, denims, pants, trousers, vests, suspenders, sweaters, dresses, and so on. The retractable hanger even has a deepened hook for a secured hold and a non-slip feature that keeps garments from sliding off. 

Keep your little fashionista’s delicate clothing hung tidily and looking new using this multipurpose retractable baby clothes hanger!  


  • Multi-Level Adjustment
    Specially-crafted to hang their clothes up and organized for a convenient drying or storing. Featuring a smart 7 level retractability which enables it to be adjusted to the size of your youngsters clothes. Preventing you from the struggles of forcing your child’s small shirt to a widened hanger only for it to get loose and damaged. Moreover, the retractable hanger’s 7 level adjustment also works to align for your baby’s growing stage and meet your kid’s or even teen’s needs. Suitable for newborns or ages 0-6, 7-12, and up to 13-18 of age. Simply slide to increase or decrease the length level to transform it to a small sized hanger, medium sized, and larger size to fit different clothing sizes of any age! 


  • Non-Marking Clothes Hanging
    Supports finely curved ‘arms’ that can hold the clothes and fit seamlessly to the structure or contours of any shirt. Allowing you to effectively hang your outfits without the worries of unsightly shoulder creases, wrinkles, and embarrassing fold marks. Making it a great hanger to preserve your ensembles’ pristinely smooth appearance and natural shape. No worries as the telescopic hanger does not contain any sharp or rough edges and materials. It enables you to swiftly store or remove clothes without the risk of fabric snagging and leaving damages behind.   
  • Strong-Load Bearing
    Adopts an excellent load-bearing qualities that can hold light and delicate kids clothes to longer and heavier teen's clothes with no issues. It can also hang thickened fabrics and wet, weighty clothings without bending, snapping, deforming, and other breakage. Suitable for baby garments, pet clothes, skirts, t-shirts, polos, onesies, jackets, denims, pants, trousers, vests, suspenders, sweaters, suits, dresses, and more possibilities. 
  • Innovative Stackable Design
    Comes with a cute, handy bear shape hook style that allows it to be stacked up vertically. It lets you hang around hangers from one another and conveniently store more clothes while still remaining neatly space saving and unbudging. No worries as the baby hanger even supplies a deepened hanging hook that can hold securely on the clothing rack, poles, closet, clothes line, and such. It also provides a non-slip feature which keeps any fabric clothing from slipping off or even from being easily blown off by a strong breeze. Furthermore, the hanger is slim and compact enough to be hung inside the baby closet or regular wardrobes without taking up too much space. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, fabric-friendly polypropylene plastic material with an amazing retractable performance and durability. It promises to withstand daily stress and accompany your child’s growth without damaging and rusting. The telescopic baby clothes hanger is completely odor-free to ensure that it won’t leach off toxic or foul smells and transfer on the fabric. Eliminating the risk of causing unwanted irritations, rashes, and other discomfort especially for babies’ delicate skin.   


  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Extendable range: 28-36cm
  • Color: Blue / Pink / Yellow / Green / Grey


  • 1 x Child Grow-up Extendable Clothes Hanger

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