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Cithway™ Corn Stripper

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Cithway™ Corn Stripper

Take the hassle and frustration from shucking out kernels with this magic corn stripper tool!

This professional-grade corn stripping tool successfully separates all the kernels effortlessly from the cob in a breeze. Featuring a razor-sharp serrated teeth that can handle different corn types and ensures a mess-free, optimal corn peeling to avoid waste. Perfect for sweet corn, flint corn, flour corn, oriental corn, field corn, waxy corn, purple corn, and so much more. No worries as this handy peeler does not cause damage from the kernels to keep them in tip top condition after removal. Making it the best helper when preparing meals, cooking sweet corn snack, corn soup, salad, side dish, garnishing, cookies, and such.  

The magic kernel corn peeler is super lightweight and it adopts a non-slip, ergonomic handle for better gripping, comfort, and maneuverability. It is also smartly designed to be used while keeping your fingers safe and out of the sharp blade to avoid any sort of injuries. Moreover, this kernel stripper supports remarkable non-stick qualities that resist food and odors from retaining for an easier, deep cleaning. It even comes with a hanging hole feature for a much space-saving and convenient storing. Made with premium, food-grade stainless steel that boasts to withstand several years of daily usage without damaging, dulling, and rusting. 

Never struggle and eat corn from the cob again with this magic kernel corn stripper!


    • Quick Corn Peeling
      A handy corn stripping tool that comes with a razor-sharp saw-like teeth head that can tackle all different corn types. Allowing it to smoothly remove the kernels in the cob in just a simple sliding motion for as quick as 10 seconds. Saving you from the hassle and time-consuming manual process or the need for using dangerous knives. No worries as this corn device can successfully strip off the kernels cleanly from the cob to ensure that no wasted food will be left behind. Suitable for peeling sweet corn, flint corn, flour corn, oriental corn, field corn, waxy corn, purple corn, and so on.

    • Harmless Stripping
      This high-performance tool offers a powerful and effortless corn-removing performance while still remaining gentle. It enables you to confidently peel off cleanly from the cob surface without squishing or ruining the kernels. Moreover, the corn peeler is specially designed so you can easily strip while still providing great distance from the toughened, sharp blades. Eliminating the risk and worries of getting your fingers cut or injured as you prepare your favorite vegetable.

    • Ergonomic Design
      The magic corn stripper is ideally lightweight which makes it easier and comfortable to carry around. It adopts a non-slip, lengthened sturdy handle for secured gripping and maximum stripping control even for those with wet hands. Furthermore, this kernel remover device is applicable and can still function well for both lefties and right-handed people. It has an ultra-smooth finish so you can hold and utilize it for an extended period without experiencing hand fatigue, stain, painful cuts, and other discomfort. An excellent helper for beginners, cooks, DIYers, mothers, restaurants, sweet corn stalls, and more possibilities.
    • Easy to Clean and Store
      This innovative corn peeler supports remarkable non-sticking qualities that resist food and smells from retaining stubbornly. It allows you to effortlessly and speedily hand wash or dishwash it after each use to prevent unwanted germs and bacteria accumulation. Additionally, the corn peeling tool supplies a smart hanging hole on the end of the handle for convenient storing. It is also slim and compact in size so it can be stored without taking up too much space.

    • Premium Quality
      Made of high-quality, food-grade 430 stainless steel material with an amazing mirror-reflective polished finish and easy kernel-removing ability. It promises to last a long-term everyday usage without damaging, rusting, and dulling. This kernel corn stripper does not also leach off toxic chemicals and can come into direct contact with any food products.


    • Material: 430 Stainless Steel


    • 1 x Cithway™ Corn Stripper

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