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Cithway™ Creative Anti-Scalding Geometric Tableware Mat

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Cithway™ Creative Anti-Scalding Geometric Tableware Mat

Protect your dining tops from unwanted scorch marks using this anti-scalding tableware mat! 

A topnotch heat-resistant silicone mat that is specially designed to be placed under any hot tableware to provide maximum protection. Saving your precious tabletops, worktops or any other surface from the nasty burns, scorch marks, and heat damages. Featuring a large, hexagon shape that provides a much wider anti-scalding coverage area. Hexagonal design allows users to place and connect pieces together to fit either aesthetic or practical needs. Perfect for kettles, mugs, plates, pans, pots, soup bowls, glass, and more possibilities. This mat even helps from shielding water marks, stains, scratches, and inevitable food chunks spills to keep your tables spotlessly clean. You could also use it as a mitten for protecting the hands from burns when holding hot kitchenware.  

This anti-scalding kitchen mat comes in triangular and striped style with different color selections that can stylishly blend to any tabletops. Allowing it to supply an impressive protection while bringing elegance and sophistication to your overall dining setting. Moreover, the tableware mat adopts an excellent non-stick quality that keeps it from retaining odors and dirt. You can effortlessly give it a deep cleaning anytime by hand washing or using a dishwasher. It can be conveniently hung on walls or neatly stashed inside kitchen drawers while still saving up more space for other items. Made of premium silicone that boasts great flexibility and durability to withstand multiple years of daily use without damaging.       

Eat peacefully every meal or snack time without the worries of heat damage with this anti-scalding tableware mat! 


  • Anti-Scalding Dining Table Mat
    A well-made silicone mat featuring remarkable high-temperature resistant qualities that can tackle the hottest of pots and iron cookware with no issues. Eliminating it from the risk of melting, deforming, burning, and damaging even after direct, continuous exposure from heat. Making it an excellent shield that you can place under a tableware to keep your dining tops, worktops or any other surface from the nasty burns and permanent scorch marks. This anti-scalding mat even serves as a great protection against water marks, stains, scratches, and inevitable food chunks spills. Lastly, you can also use it as a mitten to protect your hands from painful scalding when holding hot kitchenware.  

  • Innovative Design
    This heat resistant dining table mat comes in a large hexagonal shape design to deliver a much wider anti-scalding protection. It can also withstand heavy tableware weight without deforming or breaking down to ensure that your piping hot pots won’t touch and burn the counter surface. Suitable for kettles, mugs, plates, pans, pots, soup bowls, glass, and more possibilities. The protective mat boasts an impressive non-slip capabilities that allows it to stay securely in place even on slippery marble dining tops or smooth wooden tables. Keeping your freshly boiling hot coffee mugs or kettle stable to prevent them from toppling and spilling. No worries as it does not contain any sharp materials so you can lay it out and be used without leaving unsightly scratches on your tabletops and tableware. 

  • Stylish and Functional
    Specially crafted with elegant triangular style and striped design selections in different nordic color palette. Available in beige, blue, brown, and black that all can complement stylishly on any table decor and color. Each mat design possesses maximum protective performance and creative textures that can surely spice up your table settings overall aesthetics. Furthermore, they also bring that hotel-quality sophistication and organized look to the dining area. 

  • Easy to Clean and Store
    Provides an exceptional non-stick quality which successfully keeps stains, dirts, and residues from sticking stubbornly. It also does not retain odors so you can effortlessly deep clean it by handwashing or even using a dishwasher. The mat can stay flat and can be neatly stashed inside kitchen drawers, cabinets, countertops, and such without taking up too much space. You can even hang it on the wall for a much convenient storing and retrieving anytime. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made with the highest-quality thickened silicone material with superior heat temperature resistant and long-lasting durability. It can hold out against several years of protecting your tabletops without burning and wearing-off. Additionally, it offers high flexibility which allows it to go back to its original form completely undamaged even after you bent it. The anti-scalding tableware mat is non-toxic to ensure that it won’t cause harmful chemical or odor leaching. 


  • Material: Food-grade thickened silicone
  • Size: 15.5x14cm
  • Style: Triangular / Stripes
  • Color: Beige / Blue / Wine / Black


  • 1PC/4PCS of Creative Geometric Coaster

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