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Cithway™ Grocery Bag Lifter Handle

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Cithway™ Grocery Bag Lifter Handle

Make grocery shopping a total breeze and bless yourself with this heavy-duty bag lifter handle!

A must-have grocery companion device that can successfully carry multiple grocery bags all at once with maximum comfort and ease. It is also specially designed to distribute weight evenly for better leverage so you can stably and safely handle heavy grocery loads with no issues. Saving you from the risk of hand strains and injuries due to long distance lifting and the struggle of countless trips grocery transporting. Moreover, this bag lifter boasts strong lead bearing which can handle several bags of weighty goods without snapping and breakage. The perfect helper for your regular grocery shopping and especially for seniors and those with poor grip, arthritis hands, and so on. 

This clever grocery bag lifter is ideally light and it supplies a non-slip, ergonomically grooved handle where you can rest your fingers. Providing you secured gripping with an all day long comfortable handling position and overall convenience. Additionally, the grocery lifter handle supports a one-click button that can be simply pressed anytime for unlocking. No worries as it locks securely to ensure that not a single bag would slip and fall off during your entire transportation. This mighty bag lifter is also highly portable and can be neatly tote around while still saving up more space for your other essentials. Made with premium quality material that is durable enough to last several years of everyday heavy usage without wearing-off. 

Take the struggle and stress of carrying multiple shopping bags and use this grocery bag lifter handle!


  • Effortless Shopping Bag Handling
    A heavy-duty handle-like tool that is smartly-constructed to carry multiple grocery bags all at once with greater ease and comfort. Saving you from the struggle of countless trips of moving your shopping bags from your car to your home. What’s more? It expertly distributes the weight of your groceries for better leverage so you can stably and safely handle numerous bags in one grip. Allowing you to successfully alleviate hand strain, muscle fatigue, and the risk of injuries or dislocation due to prolonged and repetitive lifting of heavy loads. Making it an excellent helper for your regular grocery shopping and especially for seniors and those experiencing poor grip, arthritis hands, and such. 

  • Strong Load Bearing Capacity
    Adopts an incredible load bearing capabilities that allows it to hold out bags of canned goods, meat products, drink bottles and other weighty items. Preventing it from snapping, deforming, and other breakage even after a long distance carrying and everyday usage. Suitable for a wide variety of your grocery lifting needs, including mall shopping bags, market food bags, toy bags, clothes/shoes bags, and more possibilities.  

  • Ergonomic Design
    Super lightweight and it offers an ergonomic concave groove with an anti-slipping design. It effectively rests your finger for a much secured gripping and maximum comfortable handling position and convenience. Great for an extended use of heavy grocery lifting and transporting while saving time, effort, and the worries of hand fatigue. It also supports a powerful locking interface that stably keeps all bags safe together in the handle to prevent slippage and from falling off even as you move around. No worries as this bag lifter device provides a one-click button that you can simply press anytime to unlock and remove the bags after usage.  

  • Highly Portable
    Ideally light and compact in size which can neatly be stashed inside bags without taking up too much space. You can take it with you anytime, anywhere and effortlessly pick up and carry as many bags as you can lift in one hand every shopping time. Great for your regular grocery food shopping or when you're out malling, vacation, souvenir shopping, and so much more. 
  • Premium Quality
    Made with the highest quality, toughened ABS plastic materials that boasts an amazing durability, rust-resistance, and effortless bag lifting performance. It guarantees to hold out against an endless years of heavy-duty use without snapping, discoloration, and other damages. The grocery bag lifter handle is also 100% odorless and it does not leach out dangerous toxic chemicals. Moreover, it has a super soft feature to ensure that it can be confidently held anytime without scratching and causing harm. Available in different stylish color selections, including red, pink, black, yellow, blue, purple, and green. 


  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Size: 13.5x16.5cm
  • Color: Green / Blue / Pink / Black / Red / Purple


  • 1 x Grocery Bag Lifter Handle

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