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Cithway™ Leather Color Restorer

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Cithway™ Leather Color Restorer

Easily restore discolored or faded leather to its original appearance in just a wipe of this Leather Color Restorer!

A revolutionary re-coloring agent formulated with splendid filling and restorative quality that brings new life to all genuine or synthetic leather. Allowing you to instantly repair and eliminate unwanted discoloration, fading, wearing, rips, and minor cracks or damages. It offers a non-sticky, seamless finish that is sure to turn your dull-looking, aging leather items to their original color, shine, and feel. Available in a wide range of color selection to correctly fix and match your material without any complicated mixing. Suitable for bags, jacket, sofa, shoes, purse, belt, steering wheel, car seat, wallet, and other leather products or accessories.

This leather repair paste adopts a fine protective and nourishing coating that can simultaneously improve any leather lifespan tenfold. Moreover, it also features an advanced waterproof and moisture-proof performance to deliver that excellent staying power. Eliminating the risk of  fading, smudging, and wearing-off even after exposure to liquid and humid environments. Simply apply a proper amount of the color repair paste to the leather, wipe it to blend evenly and perfectly, let it dry, and all good. The leather restorer agent is engineered with premium ingredients that works effectively without causing further damage or toxic odor leaching. 

Patch your aging leather into looking good and diminish discolored spots in a blink with this Leather Color Restorer!


  • Instant Color Restoration
    A high-performance repair paste made with advanced formulation that penetrates deeply into the base, mid layer, and surface of any leather material. It delivers excellent color fixing and filling qualities that successfully restores every discoloration, fading, wearing, rips, and minor cracks. Allowing you to instantly transform your dull-looking, aging leather items into a splendid brand-new piece in just a quick, few swipe application. No worries as it offers a non-sticky, seamless finish to ensure that no one would even know that it is only restored.   

  • Long-Lasting Performance
    This color repair agent adopts superior waterproof and moisture-proof capabilities that can withstand exposure to liquid, including water and rain. Providing you with a remarkable staying power to prevent fading, smudging, and wearing-off even on different environmental conditions and temperature. Furthermore, the leather filling paste also promotes an impressive rapid-drying effect that allows it to hold firmly and set in a breeze. Saving you from the long waiting time and also to ensure that its waterproofing qualities works immediately. 

  • Easy to Blend
    The leather restorer paste boasts a fine consistency that lets you repair your items mess-free with great ease and speed. Simply wipe your leather item clean and dry first, then get a proper amount of the paste. After that, apply and gently wipe it evenly to the surface to fill and fix effectively, wait a quick minute to fully dry off, and done. This instant repair paste comes in a variety of color selections which enables you to freely match the correct color of the leather you're restoring. 

  • Wide Application 
    This quick leather repair cream can work amazingly for restoring color and quality of different new or old genuine leather, faux, imitation leather material. Suitable for bags, jacket, sofa, shoes, purse, belt, steering wheel, car seat, wallet, and more possibilities. The leather paste provides an additional protective layer coating effect that helps to preserve and prolong your leather objects into multiple more years.  

  • Premium Quality
    Formulated with the highest-grade, non-toxic ingredients that brags an amazing color restoration performance and protection. It promises to fix any leather material in no time without causing further damages, staining, and early wearing unlike with other products. What’s more? This color repair paste does not emit any powerful funky odors and it can also accidentally touch the skin without irritations to ensure overall safety and health.


  • Scent: Unscented
  • Health Facts: Phosphate-Free, Non-Toxic
  • Product Form: Balm
  • Recommended Surface Application: Leather
  • Product Results: Removes Residue, Prevents Fading, UV Protection, Used for Conditioning, Removes Dirt
  • Recommended Product Application: Multipurpose, Upholstery, Furniture


  • 1 x Cithway™ Leather Color Restorer

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