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Cithway™ Mini Fruit 7-day Pill Organizer Case

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Cithway™ Mini Fruit 7-day Pill Organizer Case

Never forget and miss out even a single dose anymore using this portable 7-day pill holder organizer!    

A large-capacity rounded pill holder that comes with 7 compartments for a much convenient weekly scheduled medicinal organization. It helps to keep your pills hygienically in one accessible place without worrying about missing a dose or mixing up your medication anymore. All 7 slots provide a spacious design that can hold more than just one day’s supply of any  prescription medicines, supplements, or vitamins. The medicine holder supports a powerful top sealing cover and side snap lock for that additional security. Preventing your vitamins from spilling out everywhere even when shaken or accidentally dropped.

This 7-day vitamin organizer also ensures that nor dirt or moisture would touch your pills to avoid potency decrease and even toxicity. What’s more? It adopts an easy-rotation opening style which lets you directly slide your needed pill out without spilling. No worries as the top cover can still be freely removed completely anytime for easier medicine refilling. The weekly pill holder is ideally light and portable in size to neatly stash inside bags or even pockets without taking up space. Suitable for when you're at home or out for office, school, business travel, vacation, camping, hiking, dormitories, hotels, restaurants, and so on. 

Make your daily medicine intake even more convenient and in check with this portable 7-day pill holder organizer!       


  • Weekly Medicine Box
    A handy pill container constructed with 7 individual slots for storing different prescription medicines, supplements, or vitamins. Allowing you to keep your pills in one accessible place and in perfect scheduled organization. It also helps for storing your vitamins according to their own labels or dosage and preventing them from mixing with each other for better convenience. Making it a great medicine box for managing your needed weekly medication regime to avoid missing even a single day of dose. No worries as all 7 compartments support a spacious space for storing in ample medicines so you can bring just one day’s supply. Available in orange fruit design, pomelo fruit, green lemon fruit, green color, purple, color, and blue color selection.      

  •  Improved Tightened Sealing
    Adopts an air-tight sealing top medicine cover and a side snap-lid lock for extra security. Its powerful locking enables it to be carried around, shaken or even accidentally dropped without opening or budging. Preventing your pills from getting mixed from other compartments and worse from spilling out. What’s more? It keeps your medicine away from dirt and moisture exposure which might lead to potency decrease and even toxicity. 
  • Easy Rotation Opening
    Supplies a top cover with a convenient rotating style performance. It allows you to effortlessly snap open the side lid lock then rotate the cover so you can directly slide your needed pill out. Saving you from the hassle of constantly unbuckling both the cover and side lock or the worries of making your vitamins fall off. The rotating top seal can still be freely removed anytime so you could easily refill your prescribed dosage and for a much clearer visibility of your pills. 
  • Travel-Friendly Design
    Comes in a portable, compact sizing of diameter of 9cm and a thickness of 2.5cm. It can be neatly stashed inside handbags, pouches, wallets, health-care bags, and even pockets without taking up much space. Furthermore, it is super lightweight and it has a nice, smooth polished design so you can confidently tote it without causing damage to your other items. Suitable for at-home medication purposes or when you're out at office, school, business travel, vacation, camping, hiking, dormitories, hotels, restaurants, and more possibilities.


  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, food-grade thickened ABS plastic material that promotes an excellent durability and rust-resistance. It promises long-term everyday usage without snapping, weakening sealing, and other damages. Additionally, this 7-day pill organizer is 100% non-toxic and can safely come into direct contact with any medicine or food product without leaching. It even works as a storage not only for pills, but also for other items like rings, mini earrings, memory cards, paper clips, candies, and such.  


  • Material: Food-grade ABS
  • Size: 9x9x2.5cm
  • Style: Orange / Lemon / Pomelo / Purple / Green / Blue


  • 1 x Mini Fruit 7-day Pill Organizer Case

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