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Cithway™ Spill Resistant 540° Rotations Baby Bowl

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Cithway™ Spill Resistant 540° Rotations Baby Bowl

Let your kiddo get excited to dig in and make a fun twist to their mealtime with this non-spill baby bowl!

This whimsy baby bowl features a smart 540° gyroscopic rotation that remains perfectly upright even when held in any position. Allowing it to successfully keep all contents inside from spilling and flying out no matter how your active child twists, tilts, whirls, drops or turns it. The perfect parent helper to encourage kids to snack alone and have fun without the need of constant supervision. Furthermore, this gyro bowl is designed with every child’s favorite brightly colored UFO shape that they would surely fall in love with. It enables your little ones to start liking every mealtime and enjoy digging whatever food you serve them. 

The fun non-spill rotating baby bowl is extra light and it adopts 3 non-slip handles to be held for maximum comfort and secured gripping. It is also completely smooth and non-harming to ensure that it can be safely held even by your youngsters delicate, small hands. Moreover, this bowl is ideally deep and can be packed with dry food, snacks, biscuits, veggies, fruits, gummies, rice, and other baby food. No worries as it has a detachable design so it can be also easily and deeply cleaned each time by hand washing or using a dishwasher. Made with premium, food-grade material that can withstand long-lasting years of service without damaging.   

Have a stress-free, non-messy child feeding at all times using this fun non-spill baby bowl!


  • Spill Resistant Baby Bowl
    An innovative magical dishware that is specially designed with an amusing ring-like handle and an inner deep bowl that rotates 540° in gyroscopic motion. Allowing it to adjust automatically and remain upright to keep the contents inside from spilling and flying out even after all the twists, tilts, whirls, drops or turns. Making it the perfect solution to start your little ones to snack alone without the need to supervise them each second. No more messy splatters and unwanted food trail nightmare all over your floor to be cleaned up later on! Moreover, this cute baby bowl comes with a convenient lid for covering food to keep them secure and fresh when not eating.

  • Fun UFO Shape
    This anti-spill bowl features a unique UFO-shape and bright, eye-catching color that would surely attract and be loved even by your finicky kids. It enables your youngsters to start enjoying mealtime and increases their liking or excitement to dig in whatever food you serve in. Saving you from the troubles of hide and seek or running after your little ones every snacktime to get them to eat and nutritiously filled. Available in different trendy color selections, including hot pink, green, blue, light pink, and light green.

  • Ergonomic Design
    The adorable rotating baby bowl is super lightweight so they can be handled and carried around by kids even when filled with yummy edibles. It also provides 3 non-slip handles in a ring-like style that can be grip comfortably and firmly even by your toddlers tiny hands. Furthermore, this gyro bowl does not contain any pointy edges and surface to ensure your precious ones overall safety. It has a deepened inner bowl that can be packed with dry food, snacks, biscuits, veggies, fruits, gummies, rice, and other baby food.

  • Quick and Easy Cleanup
    This witty gyro non-spill bowl offers excellent non-stick qualities and it also does not retain strong food odors. It also has a convenient detachable design which makes cleaning so much easier and quick. The baby bowl can be simply hand washed or be stashed inside a dishwasher after each use. Preventing harmful odor and bacterial contamination that might cause discomfort and pain to your little one’s. No worries as the gyro bowl can be also reattached back anytime with great ease and speed. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made with premium, food-grade and BPA-free thickened PP plastic material with an amazing durability and non-spilling gyro rotation performance. It is 100% non-toxic and can safely be in direct contact with any food product without harm and chemical leaching. This fun gyro baby bowl can hold out against long years of everyday usage, accidental drops, and washes without damaging and rusting.  

  • Material: BPA
  • Size: 

  • 1 x Spill Resistant 540° Rotations Baby Bowl

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