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Cithway™ Telescopic Bunny Phone Holder Stand

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Cithway™ Telescopic Bunny Phone Holder Stand

Keep your device in view without the need for your hands with this telescopic bunny phone holder stand!

This aesthetic bunny-style stand is specially designed to effectively prop your mobile up alone on your desk or any flat surface. It enables you to keep it always in sight, accessible, and easy to operate without the need to hold it the whole time. Making it a great helper when streaming Youtube, late-night tik-tok binge, scrolling through net, viewing content, watching netflix, video calls, zoom meetings, gaming, filming, and so on. No worries as this cute bunny holder supplies adjustable heights (up to 19cm rod!) and tilting angles to accommodate all your specific needs. Moreover, it supports both vertical and horizontal position so you can freely view and operate with maximum comfort.

The multi-angle viewing phone stand boasts a rock-solid stability that can hold mobiles of any models, brands, and weight. Preventing it from the risk and worries of toppling over, wobbling, or falling, even on any adjustment and touchscreen use. This bunny phone holder also has an anti-slipping, soft pad to ensure that you can rest your device without a single budge or scratching. What’s more? It provides a smart feature which allows for a cell phone to be freely charged anytime with no obstruction for that continuous hands-free experience. You can sit it up on tabletops, kitchen counters, nightstand, or your living room, bedroom, dining room, study room, office, and such.    

Never let your arms ache again from holding your mobile and stand it close anytime using this telescopic bunny phone holder!


  • Hands-Free Phone Hold
    A lovely bunny-style mobile stand that enables you to smartly prop your mobile up on any flat surface and be left alone with no problems. Allowing you to keep both hands free for better operation or for effortlessly using your mobile simultaneously with other devices and items to maximize productivity. Making it a great companion during your late-night tik-tok binge, scrolling through net, viewing content, watching netflix, video calls, zoom meetings, gaming, taking videos/photos, and such. No worries as this phone holder supports both vertical and horizontal position so you can freely view and utilize your device depending on your needs and comfort.  

  • Smart Adjustable Design
    Offers a handy height-adjustable design that can be smoothly toggle up to 19 cm or down from 10 cm to meet your ideal standpoint. It also boasts a nice, multi-angle viewing capability which lets you easily tilt it from 0° to 60°. Providing you a comfortable and optimal visibility of your mobile screen no matter where you place it from. Saving you from the need to crane your neck to an awkward position and experiences strain even after prolonged binge watching or net surfing. Moreover, it has a cute simple appearance which ensures that it can successfully hold your phone hands-free without causing any sort of blocking.     

  • Excellent Stability
    Adopts a sturdy base and body that can hold your device securely and totally unbudging in place. Preventing it from toppling over, moving, wobbling, and from completely falling down even on any angle and height adjustment. Furthermore, this holder supplies a diamond-foam, anti-skidding pad and a double support so you can rest your phone confidently without it constantly slipping. You can stably place it on any smooth surface, including tabletops, kitchen counters, night stand, or anywhere your living room, bedroom, dining room, study room, gaming room, office, and so on.  

  • Convenient Charging
    Expertly-designed to prop the device vertically or horizontally without blocking access for all controls and ports. It allows you to keep your phone safely in position and still easily adjust sounds, power boost or get connected with your earphones. No need to take your mobile out of the holder anytime whenever it gets drained for a continuous operation and viewing! What’s more? The bunny phone holder does not heat up so you can confidently charge while using it without causing fire or electrical hazard.  

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic PP plastic and EVA materials with an excellent durability and stability. It guarantees to hold out against several years of usage without rusting, breaking, discoloration, and other damages. This telescopic bunny phone holder stand is also highly versatile and can hold mobiles or tablets of different models, brands, and weights. Suitable for Iphones, androids, LG, Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Sony, Kindle, and more possibilities. It does not contain any sharp edges and surface to prevent it from scratching and harming your devices! Available in different trendy color selections, including black, pink, blue, and white.  


  • Material: PP plastic, EVA
  • Size: 9.8x8.8x22.7cm (before extended)
  • Length of extendable rod: 10~19cm
  • Color: Pink / Blue / White / Black


  • 1 x Telescopic Bunny Phone Holder Stand

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